Spiking in Spring


The team after their first practice.

Brian Milano and Toby Adams

This Spring, Ipswich High School is introducing a new club to their vast list of popular extracurricular activities. The Ipswich Boys Volleyball program will make its debut with hopes to create a varsity program in the coming years. Due to interscholastic regulations, the boys volleyball program must remain a club for two years before entering the competitive scene in the future. The formation of this club was led by senior Nate Pillis with the support of coaches Staci Sonke and Pete Buletza. It was a seemingly simple process to pass by the IHS administration.

Thankfully, the boys are in good hands; Coach Sonke and coach Pete are also the coaches for the Ipswich High School Girls Volleyball team. Coming off a 2023 Fall Championship, both coaches can’t wait to get started with the development of the boys program. 

Starting as a club sport means that everyone is welcome to participate and there will be no player cuts when it comes down to game time. The team hopes to compete against local schools in the area regardless of their skill level. Even though other schools may have the advantage of experience, the Ipswich boys are looking forward to getting some good playing time. Some of the competitors in the area include Essex Tech, North Andover, and even St. John’s Prep in Danvers.

Practicing three times a week, the boys are eager to learn the sport with hopes of competing at a high level in the coming years. Coach Sonke illustrates her excitement stating, “Ever since I took over the girls program there has been an interest for a boys team due to the girls success, intramurals, and understanding how fun and competitive the game can be.” Pillis also adds that he is most excited about “finally being able to step foot on the court after years of watching the girls team be so successful and energizing.” Pillis, along with many of the other boys on the team, was one of the biggest supporters of the girl’s volleyball team this Fall. This provided an opportunity for the boys to not only build up excitement for the new team, but to learn the sport as well. The boys are certainly motivated to succeed and are looking to have a fun time doing so. This boy’s volleyball program seems to have a very bright future ahead of it.

Coach Sonke states that her longtime goals for this program are to “continue to have an interest in boys volleyball and to propose it to the School Committee as a Varsity spring sport in 2 years.” Although there is a large interest and participation in the team this year, most of the team is composed of seniors. Another one of the tough jobs that seniors are facing is to keep the team going by spurring interest among the younger grades. Many of the boys believe in the importance of not only succeeding this year, but continuing the legacy they have attempted to create. No matter the outcome, the boys on the team will make history this year.