Mrs. Maloney: A T.A. That Everyone Should Know!

Mrs. Maloney is one of the lesser known teachers at IHS, but in just a few years time she has become a student favorite. She is very personable and a great help to everyone in class.  Jordan Townsend, an IHS senior, told me, “I have gotten help from her in a few classes; she’s really good at being able to connect with us because she is young enough to know what’s going on in our world and can really relate to us.” Relatability is extremely valuable from the student perspective. It helps students open up and get the help they need. 

Though she’s easy to connect with, it seems that little is known about her background; some of it might surprise you.  Mrs. Maloney was born in Lima Peru to a Peruvian mother and an American father granting her a double citizenship. She lived in Peru for the first five years of her life speaking Spanish as her first language.  She then moved to New Orleans where she grew up attending an all girls Catholic school. There she played basketball, softball, volleyball, soccer, tennis, and in high school, she gave bowling a shot. She then graduated from Tulane University in New Orleans with a masters in social work.

Before teaching Mrs. Maloney made a living using this degree. She traveled between many different houses and schools working with kids in a variety of living situations. Eventually, she wanted to stay in a single location which is why she got her first teacher assistant position. First, she assisted in a French immersion school where she primarily worked with kindergarten and preschool kids. After a few years she moved up north with her husband, James, who’s a lifetime resident of Little Neck. When I asked if she would ever move back south, she told me, “I would travel back to the South again, but only as a vacation spot. The South is very different, and I like the lifestyle, safety, and people up here much better.” 

This week Mrs. Maloney announced her pregnancy causing a flood of congratulations from her students. Right now Mrs. Maloney is enjoying exploring the North Shore with her husband and their two dogs Sammy and Skipper. Recently, they’ve been focused on seeing each and every little town in the area. She says, “One thing I like about Massachusetts is that the towns are each unique with their own character, and I love learning the history of each of them.” Meanwhile, she is working on transferring her social workers license from Louisiana to Massachusetts to give her the option of teaching kids of all ages. 

Next year promises Mrs. Maloney many new and exciting things: a new baby and possibly job opportunities.  I feel fortunate to work with such a caring teacher.  She has made a strong impact on IHS in the short time that she has been here!