A Look at the 2023 Ipswich Girls’ Lacrosse Team


Ashton Flather, Journalist

Spring sports are starting up, which brings a group of new teams looking to compete and work with new personnel. The girls’ lacrosse team is no different. After coming off an 11-8 season in 2022, things are only looking up for the tigers. 

When asked about her goals for this season, head varsity coach Allison Tivnan responded, “I want us to do well and for everyone to be happy and have fun with what we do.” When asked about more concrete goals, she said “ I think we have the ability this year to make CAL champs and have a long run in the playoffs, so I think those are my goals lacrosse-wise.” 

This season will not come without its challenges. The varsity squad lost six senior starters last year with huge spots to be filled, especially at the defensive end of the field. However, this is not something that concerns Tivnan. With around ten freshmen coming up, and an abundance of talented underclassmen, she believes replacing those spots will not be an issue. As for what she foresees being the biggest challenge this year, that would go to the music department’s trip to England. “Taking 8 days off in the middle of the season will be challenging,” Tivnan says. Three out of four captains will be attending, as well as around six other varsity players and Tivnan herself. 

When varsity captain Kayden Flather was asked what her biggest focus was this season, she responded with “team spirit and keeping positive.” This is something that the team has struggled with in prior years, and she hopes to change that as a new captain. She also wants to get everyone involved at the beginning of the year and adapt to the new team that they have. “ Last year we took a while to recognize that we had a new team, so I hope this year can be different.” Tivnan would also like to do a few things differently from past years, such as getting more people off the bench and utilizing people who aren’t starters so her players can get some rest.

Looking forward to the 2023 season schedule, the year starts with a game away at Peabody Saturday, April 1st. Last year, the Tigers lost twelve to ten, but are hoping to start the season off strong this year and come out with a win. As for the most anticipated game this year, that would go to the first game against Manchester Essex on May 4th. “The first one is most important,” says Tivnan about the two Manchester games. “Win that and the next game becomes a lot easier.” The Tigers will also have their senior night against Georgetown Friday, May 12th. 

Tivnan wants her team to focus on simple mistakes that harmed them in the prior season. “Turnovers and taking care of the ball are two big areas where I would like to see improvement.” She also noted that finishing on attack would be very important this year, but does not foresee that being an issue with the given personnel. 

All signs point to this being a great season for the Tigers. “This senior class is special to me because they will be the first group I have gotten to coach all their years of high school lacrosse,” says Tivnan. With a hard schedule ahead of them, the Tigers are looking to get into the season early and have a successful and fun season.