Backyard Chickens


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Not only are chickens great pets, but they also provide many benefits for families. Over the years families have started to pick up on the benefits chickens. Chickens provide and therefore, backyard chickens have started to become a fad among families. A reason for this may be that raising a flock at your own home saves money. Typically, a carton of eggs from the grocery store may cost about three dollars, where as, in raising chickens on your own, weekly eggs are free. Chickens are exceptional animals in the way in which they provide one with a healthier self and environment.

Many families in Ipswich have started to show interest in raising their very own backyard chickens. A family in particular, the Roach family has had chickens for almost a year now, and they seem to rave about their benefits. Tom Roach surprised his family with baby chicks on Easter, and then built a coop for them to live in. The chickens were not a spontaneous idea, as Tom said, “I have always wanted chickens of my own and had been planning on getting them for awhile.” The reasoning behind Tom’s interest in backyard chickens is that he, “decided this in attempt to save money and provide my family with healthier food options.” The prevalence of the benefits that backyard chickens bring is well known.

On top of backyard chickens organic benefits, they also prove to be great pets for his daughters. Tom’s daughter, Nicole Roach, recalls the day in which she received the chickens, “my two sisters and I each got to name a chicken, so I named mine Chicken.” Nicole views the chickens as her beloved pets, but also is very appreciative of their great and rewarding benefits.

Backyard chickens have never let anyone down especially when you consider how they produce eggs that are healthier and tastier than eggs produced from factory farmed chickens. Backyard chickens receive much more vitamins because they are allowed to exercise and are fed a natural diet, Whereas, in factory farms, chickens are treated poorly in attempt to produce eggs quickly and cheaply. Eggs that are produced by backyard chickens tend to be much more nutritious and fresh where as eggs that you tend to buy in the grocery store can be found to be weeks old which not only lessens the nutritional value of the eggs, but it also affects the taste and consistency of the eggs. Nicole mentioned, “I can no longer eat eggs from grocery stores, because the eggs from our chickens taste so much better.” The Roach’s chickens have bettered their health.

Another member of our Ipswich community, Chris Marcaurelle, a former Ipswich High student, also has backyard chickens. Although the idea of families owning flocks has peaked interest relatively recently, Chris says, “we started a long time ago, just for eggs. We don’t have any profit at all. The money just goes to food for them. It is no one’s business what we do with our eggs. If we had to pay for a permit to own chickens or sell eggs it wouldn’t be worth it.” Chris enjoys having chickens, despite making no profit or saving any additional money. When asked about the challenges of owning backyard chickens he responded with, “remembering to close them up at night and getting the eggs before they freeze.” Although very beneficial animals, they require care and attention because they can easily be lost and left out in the cold.

Additionally, you may continue to ask yourself if chickens indeed make good companions. In Chris’s opinion, he claims, “Yep, you can hold them and pet them, and they occasionally follow you around.” Backyard chickens are pets and an addition to the family. Chris is also a dog owner and says, his dog, “Oliver wrangles them and finds them when they’re missing. It took him some getting used to, but they’re friends now.”

In conclusion, chickens are great animals and provide numerous benefits to families who raise their own flock. The chickens save families money by producing an abundance of eggs. The eggs are a fresher, healthier and a nutritious alternative to store bought eggs. Among the numerous benefits backyard chickens provide, there is also the pet aspect. As valued animals, chickens are held in high regard in the town of Ipswich.