Coffee Cups at IHS

Kerrie Janvirn

A few years ago at Ipswich High School drinking coffee was not allowed during school. Recently this policy has been changed. All students are now allowed to drink coffee in their first period class. To be able to do so though, you need to use a reusable travel coffee cup. There is some frustration directed towards this policy though.

Having students use reusable cups is beneficial in many ways. Talking with Kendall Trepanier, a senior at IHS, stated, “The reusable coffee cup policy is good. Reusable cups help and reduce spills on the schools new carpets and students work.”  Reducing plastic and paper cups is environmentally friendly. Most paper cups are lined with plastic or wax to help keep coffee hot. For this reason paper cups cannot be recycled or composted. There has also been fundraisers by the Environmental club. They sell reusable coffee cups to help eliminate unnecessary waste. By drinking a coffee a day in a non-reusable cup can produce in over one year 23 pounds of waste.

During directed study however only IHS seniors are allowed to go to the cafe and buy a coffee. This coffee comes in a disposable cup. Underclassmen are not offered these same privileges. This is seen as unfair by many. The rule in the cafe is that you are not suppose to leave the cafe with your coffee and you need to properly dispose of it. If you do need to leave, students have to throw their cups in the trash. This rule is not strictly enforced. Students after first period are able to go to class with their coffee in non-reusable cups.

With this break in the policy it causes students to question, “what’s the point of bringing in a reusable cup then?” When interviewing with Jillian Cox, an IHS senior she made it clear she does not agree with this cup policy. “I feel as though having throw away coffee cups are easier. This way when I am done drinking I can throw my cup away and not have to carry my cup with me the rest of the day.” Many students feel the same way as Jillian. 

The policy is good for the students at Ipswich High School. Reusable cups are beneficial in numerous ways. The cups in the cafe now need to be taken into account for this policy.