Epi Pen Prices

An Epipen located in the Ipswich High School
An EpiPen located in the Ipswich High School

 EpiPen Crisis       

EpiPens are something that many people overlook in today’s society; however that shouldn’t be the case. A package of two EpiPens can go for around 600 dollars. That price is outrageous considering it costs only about 50 dollars to make one. Heather Bresch is the CEO of the company Mylan, who is the seller of the EpiPens. The company makes around 60 million dollars in profit after selling the EpiPens for the past five years. Around 19 million dollars ends up going in Heather Bresch bank account each year. There is around 15 million people suffering from a food allergy who are in need of an EpiPen. Mylan is the only company that people can buy from, considering all other companies ran out of business due to not making enough money. If you were in need of an EpiPen, you would need to pay the price sold by Mylan. This company ended up quadrupling in profit margin after the price of EpiPens increasing in 2009.

In period one Journalism class, there are two students that own an EpiPen. Trevor Smith, a senior from Ipswich High school is one of them. After talking about the price of EpiPens and why they’re so high, Trevor stated, “Since it is necessity for people, they know they have the ability to control you and make you buy it.” He later said “Because people need this in order to survive, it should not be that expensive.” Even though Trevor knows that EpiPens are important, he still doesn’t believe in the cost. Trevor said, “I would spend around 50 dollars.” Big time companies know they can manipulate the buyer. Selling something crucial for someone’s health at a high price is a must in their eyes. People won’t have a second thought on spending the money in order to stay safe and healthy. That is why these companies jack up the prices and sit back and watch while they make an easy profit.

An adult perspective also came in factor. Linda Vogan, who is a Billerica resident, had a lot to say about the EpiPen crisis going on. When asked about the CEO’s unfair profit she explained, “She realized people will be willing to pay for these so she took advantage of the situation.” Mrs. Vogan believes that Heather Bresch should lower the price so people will have an easier time maintaining Epipens. If Mrs. Vogan was the CEO, “I would probably sell them for 150 dollars so the price is fair and I still make a little profit”. Having them sold at this price would make a substantial profit and be listed at an affordable price. In that case it is a win for everyone, and no person is being put in a dangerous situation.

Both people that were interviewed had similar views on the EpiPen crisis. The prices are obviously not fair, however they are being constantly sold. Certain people become apart of a tough situation when they don’t have the ability to afford an Epipen. What should these people do? Should people try to avoid whatever their allergic to? It’s too much of a risk. You shouldn’t have to put yourself or someone you know in that type of danger. The consequences that counter with these situations are not worth the risk being taken. These unfair prices need to be lowered to an affordable price as soon as possible.