The Dave Wood Story


Mr. Wood stands for a photo in the lower B pod

Charlie Gillis and Max Benford, Journalists

What makes a great teacher? Is it his passion about the topic? Is it the friendly attitude that he provides towards everyone? Or is it his connection that he makes with his students? Dave Wood can answer yes to every single question above with a firm yes. He embodies each of these characteristics. The new teacher in the English department has more to him than just a kind heart and we will dive into that today.

What made Mr. Wood want to come to Ipswich? Well this actually comes from a college friend and classmate of his, Sarah Merullo. Wood says, “I had heard that it was great place to teach. She told me a little bit about the school, the culture here (Ipswich High School), the kind of environment it was to teach, and it sounded like it would be a great fit.” Wood’s first experience teaching here at Ipswich was when he came in as a sub for Ms. McShane when she was out on a maternity leave. The following year it became a full time job. With choosing a school to teach at when he was first looking, there was a very simple thing he was looking for: who would hire him. Wood says, “I was interested in teaching in a school that would give me a job, and so Ipswich decided to do that and I was very grateful for that opportunity.”

Mr. Wood stands for a photo in the lower B pod
Mr. Wood stands for a photo in the lower B pod

Other than his recent endeavors, Dave Wood, who originates from Hopkinton, New Hampshire, had a good life going for him. Being a 2012 graduate from Bates college where he played four years of varsity soccer and majored in psychology, he was a very qualified man to teach. This is also where he met fellow co worker and friend, Sarah Merullo. Merullo is a Spanish teacher at Ipswich and thinks highly of Mr. Wood. She says, “Mr. Wood and I have known each other since freshman year at Bates. He played on the soccer team and I played on the field hockey team and the sports teams would hang out a lot.” Being in the prime of his life, Merullo describes Wood as “very fun.” Being captains of their teams senior year, they would coordinate events together and it was how they became friends. Clearly Mr. Wood had a great impact on the people who were around because one of his classmates recommended him for a job.


At Ipswich, Mr. Wood also has a large impact on the students he teaches. Jason Finkst, a current Sophomore, has had Mr. Wood in two classes and could not be more impressed with him. Finkst states, “I like how he is passionate about the work he is doing in class and he seems to always make the class more fun and interesting.” That is exactly what teachers need to do to keep the attention of a high schooler during class, and Wood is a master at it. Wood usually teaches freshmen and sophomore classes and he is very good at being able to deal with the frightened underclassmen who are just getting used to high school and the new schedule. Finkst goes on to say that he is a “good teacher especially for someone who is new to the school.” Being an underclassmen himself, Finkst sure knows how that feels right now and a year ago.  He recommends Dave Wood’s class for anyone.

There is a lot to say about Dave Wood. He is known for his kindness to people, his passion, or just the energy and enthusiasm that he brings to the table. Being a fairly young man, people might be asking the question: is Ipswich a long time commitment for Wood or is it just a startup job for him? Well, Mr. Wood addresses that point too; “I don’t see this as a startup job at all. I love being here, and I love teaching here.  The kids are great. I’ve taught ninth, tenth, and eleventh grade English here. There are different aspects of all three of those grades that I really appreciate and I enjoyed connecting with students in all three of those classes so I don’t see this as a starter job at all.” That is great news for future students and faculty members. He is a man that cannot be compared to others, and he is a man of Ipswich High School.