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Is there ever a season when people aren’t glued to their TV screens? So many genres of shows are out there that do not help the cause, but we keep finding ourselves being drawn to them! There’s always a plot twist that just entrances us and every age group finds themselves unable to turn away.

If you’re into suspense you should watch, “The Walking Dead,” on AMC. It has entered its fourth season and the fans are going crazy. It centers around a group of people who try to survive in a world which they no longer know. Viewers will find Zombies to be everywhere,  feasting on the flesh of the newly dead.

Season three ends with a supporting character dying. The Governor traps Andrea, the soon-to-be dead character, in a room with a dying man named Milton. Here, Andrea is chained to a chair waiting for Milton to be reborn as a walker and rip her apart. Milton knows he has no chance of surviving and tells Andrea to get out of there before he kills her. Not soon after, her friends find her locked up with Milton, but it’s too late. Milton was found to have bit Andrea, meaning she was now infected with the disease.

Nicholas Mootafian, an Ipswich High School senior, had to say a few things about her death. “It was another thing on the list of the unexpected, but at the same time it was. Andrea’s death won’t affect the show because the only characters that were connected to her in a positive way were Milton and The Governor”.

We also see Carl, another main character, lose a sense of himself during this season. Carl develops a darker side in which he is willing to exclude morals to survive. This caused him to lose parts of his humanity. He grew up in a world filled with death which has had a great influence on his choices. Even though Carl has been falling back in the series, Nicholas continues to favor him. “The concept that he is following is an interesting one because he’s put into a situation where the world has gone dark. He sees everyone killing others and as a child, he thinks it’s right even though it’s also wrong”.

Another show, “The Vampire Diaries”, has just recently returned  to The CW. The past season ended with Elena choosing Damon, causing the other brother, Stefan, to leave Mystic Falls. On his way out, he runs into Silas, but Silas has taken his true form as Stefan’s doppelganger. Silas locks Stefan in a metal box and throws him into the quarry with plans of taking over Mystic Falls.

Looking for another perspective on the show, I decided to talk to an adult. That person happened to be Cynthia Lawrence, former Massachusetts resident. When asked about the doppelganger plot twist her response was, “Stefan has both “good” and “evil” in him and Silas’ history has turned him evil. When we look at the real Stefan, we see goodness, but we have also seen him as an evil character when he turns his humanity off.  Creating an alter-ego for Stefan in the form of Silas opens up great opportunities”.

The finale  ends with a battle between Katherine and Elena in the halls of the high school. To save herself, Elena takes the vampire cure and shoves it down Katherine’s throat. In this episode, Jeremy,the deceased brother of Elena Gilbert, is also turned back into human by Bonnie, who ends up killing herself while doing a spell. Season five will focus on Silas taking over Mystic Falls, Katherine adjusting to being human, Jeremy being known as the teenager who faked his own death, and Bonnie as a spirit.

Lastly, Pretty Little Liars left jaws dropped in its’ last season with the reveal of -A, and the discovery that there are two red coats. One red coat is fighting for the girls and the other is fighting against them. The show has recently returned with an epic Halloween episode that takes place in a costume soiree where Ezra spreads lies. The girls also find out that Ali might be alive which causes them to go on a hunt for her while facing issues along the way. The show seems to always be a mystery.

AMC’s “The Walking Dead” airs on Sundays at 9PM, “The Vampire Diaries” premieres on Thursdays at 8PM, and “Pretty Little Liars” airs Tuesdays at 8PM!