Shooting for a Championship


This year, the girls lacrosse team has set high expectations for themselves. After a peak year in 2015, winning the D2 North finals and a rebuilding year in 2016, the team is looking to finally prove themselves.  This year’s team will be lead by seniors, Kelsey Daly, Julia Glavin, and Delaney Whooley; all of which are four year varsity lacrosse players.  


On any sports team there has to be communication.  The girls on the Ipswich high school lacrosse team are very communicative, making practice a better experience which leads to more wins.  A lot of teams don’t get along, which leads to lack communication and low assists. “Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships”, said Michael Jordan; teamwork is essential to a great team.


Over the past four years the girls lacrosse team has experienced a lot of success.  This  streak started in 2015, when the team won the Division 2 North Finals, and in 2016 the girls made it to the finals.  “Our goal for this year is to win the North, since we weren’t able to last year.  Also, to beat Manchester-Essex,” stated two year varsity member Isabel Primack.  “This year we want to make it to the finals and beat Marblehead, also to win Division 2,” added Caitlyn Stevens, who is a three year varsity player.  


The upcoming months hold lots of hard work and dedication for the girls.  “In practice we will work hard, go over plays, and communicate more,” quoted Isabel.  The team is spending plenty of time outside of practice in order to prepare.  Many of the team is involved in a winter league, and most of the team will spend hours outside playing pass or wall-ball.  Caitlyn, a very prominent player on the team, described what they will have to do in order to reach their goal for the year, “In order to win this year we will perfect our plays in practice, communicate in games, and work on our stick skills”. Coach Kerri expects that, “the girls will go all the way this year.”  She has faith in the girls’ skills, and thinks they will perform to the best of their ability.  She predicts that they will work together in order to go as far as possible.  
This year’s varsity squad includes ten senior players.  For every player this will be their second year on varsity.  Their skill level is so high that two of the players are committed to play at a Division 2 college in the upcoming year.

Although the team has much returning talent, incredible players are expected to join the team this season.  From the freshman to senior class the talent is immense, and overflowing.  The Varsity team has high expectations and is expected to perform exceptionally well this season.