Senior Privileges

When asked if they are happy with their current senior privileges, most IHS seniors would say they are not, or even think that they don’t have any at all. We asked Vice Principal  Mr. Carovillano about the senior privileges currently in place at our school; “The biggest senior privilege is that seniors get out early and don’t have to make up snow days. Seniors have the opportunity to do Bridge, sports replacement, and independent studies if they have good attendance and grades.” It came as a surprise to us as we interviewed him that we, as seniors, do have several privileges that underclassmen and juniors are not given.

We also interviewed Mick McVann, who has been working at Ipswich High School for around 30 years. “I think the lack of senior privileges doesn’t have to do with the type of student. I think in this day it’s a liability; if students were to leave during lunch and get in a car and drive off and get in an accident, and in this day it’s a litigious society, I think that would probably be the administration’s biggest concern.” 

Mick also stated that, “Maybe seniors would be allowed to gather in the cafeteria or some common location one day a week and have time to do what they want and get food or do some sort of activity if everyone could agree on something; that’s the only specific senior privilege that I can think of that they had in place when I was the gym teacher here.”

We also emailed the Principals of surrounding high schools to see what senior privileges they have in place at their school, and what the guidelines regarding those privileges are.

Mr. Delani, Masconomet High School principal, said, “Seniors are able to come to school late or sign out for last block ONLY if they have a study hall.  Those in academic support or any other graded class may not use this privilege. We have a waterfall rotating schedule so each day starts and ends with a different period. We start this roughly ½ way through the 1st quarter depending on how they have transitioned into the school year.” We also asked him how long ago these rules and privileges were formed, as well as what the students have to do in order to keep their senior privileges. “We implemented this eight years ago; Students may not be on social probation or have any major disciplinary infractions. It may be pulled at any time at the discretion of the administration or their parents. Students must turn in signed permission slips from their parent/guardian and they must sign in or out in our main office so that we can always account for who is/is not in the building.”

Lastly, we asked Mr. Richards, Principal of Georgetown High school, and he said, “The only senior privilege we have at GHS is parking. Students are selected by a lottery and can participate in a fundraiser to paint their parking spaces. Grade are not allocated with the privilege.”