Create Happiness


Forty percent of our well-being and happiness is within our control, something we can adapt through our actions and the way we behave. Fifty percent is genetic, and then only ten percent of it is due to things like how much money we have or how good-looking we are. We think it’s our circumstances that make us happy, but it’s really only a small amount. In today’s full-of-hate world, students and teachers in schools have begun to take action and help their classmates lead a happier life. 

Ipswich high school seniors, Grace Deboer and Kayla Laddin, learned about Franklin High School’s 40 Percent Club while in their student leadership class and thought it would be a great idea to start a club like this here at Ipswich High School. They believe that this club will promote a happier, more exciting, and positive environment at the school, as well as help students learn to be kind to others and give back to their school and their community. “I know a lot of kids dread coming to school in the morning, and the 40 Percent Club will help and be a light to their day. We spread positivity and kindness to our peers, and we give students recourse suggestions that can make them happier. Everyone deserves to be happy,” said Grace Deboer.

Grace and Kayla, as well as other members of their club, have been meeting Fridays during R Block in Mrs. Smith’s room to plan events and projects that will spread happiness and positivity throughout the school. Right before midterm week the club met to write positivity notes that would be handed out to students during the stressful week ahead of them. These notes contained simple messages such as “you can do it” and “try your best, and don’t give up.” These small gestures put a smile on the faces of people who needed a little confidence booster. The club has also started “Musical Mondays, ” which is one Monday a month a few of the club members get to school early and play music and welcome all students and teachers as they enter the school on an otherwise dreary Monday morning. 

The club’s most recent project is creating posters that are full of happiness resources. These posters include app recommendations that help with becoming calm, books that have been written to bring people happiness, and peers who students can reach out to if they need to talk to someone. 

Overall, the 40 Percent Club at Ipswich High is working to promote a more positive and engaging environment at school. The club hopes to make their peers more excited to come to school and be in class. They hope to help the IHS community choose to be happy. While the 40 Percent Club is a new addition this year, they have many exciting plans and goals they hope to achieve. The club has already done a lot to help make our school a better place and more inviting environment. Join the 40 Percent Club and help make IHS a better, happier place!