Where will YOU live?

Cranes Beach During Sunset

Egan Davidson

Cranes Beach During Sunset

For a lot of students here at the Ipswich High School, Ipswich is and always has been their home. Many of these people love that and can see themselves here as adults, and some feel as though they are ready for a change of scenery. This is a very interesting topic to us because it shows a lot about a person. Some people may have lived here their whole lives and loved it, so they think the obvious choice is to move back here and continue their life in Ipswich. We also understand some people maybe don’t have that same love for Ipswich, or maybe even did love it, but just feel as though it is time to move on and find a new place to call home. We decided to ask some of our peers what their plans are for the future.

The questions we asked our classmates asked them about where they grew up, how they liked their experience in Ipswich, and if they plan on returning to Ipswich or finding a new home. The two classmates we asked were Rowan Silva and Tucker Wile. The first question we asked was do they see themselves living in Ipswich at some point in their lives after college. Rowan said he isn’t completely sure about where he plans to live, but he did say, “I could see myself living somewhere around here when I am older.” Tucker had a similar response, stating he would want to live in Ipswich as an adult, although he did bring up the fact that “it costs a fortune to live here”.

After asking them if they saw themselves living in Ipswich in the future, we asked them some questions about why they answered the way they did. Rowan stated, “It kind of depends on what I want to do when I’m older, and also where I go to college. I love living in Ipswich and everything, but I could end up liking another place much more.” But as of right now, Rowan plans on attending the University of New Hampshire for a major in sports management. Rowan added that he is excited to have the opportunity to live in NH but is also glad he would not be too far from home.

Tucker and Rowan do agree on one thing; they love Ipswich. Both stated that they enjoy being right on the water and in the proximity to Boston. Not everything is perfect though, “Besides the beach, there isn’t all that much to do in Ipswich. It’s kind of boring. I mean everyone’s idea of fun in this town is sitting in the school parking lot. That says something about how much there is to do here” said Tucker. Rowan mentioned his distaste for the colder months, “ I tend to get very sick of the cold weather in the winter. I used to love all the cold weather, but nowadays I get sick of it, and kind of wish that I lived somewhere warmer.” As we near the end of our high school career, it will be very interesting to see where all of our classmates end up. I believe that the class of 2021 has a bright future and will find their perfect home whether that’s in Ipswich or thousands of miles away.