The History of Ipswich High School

Hasib Omar , Journalst


Before the Ipswich High School became what it is today it had many different revisions over the years. The school was not always in the location it is now. The first High School built in Ipswich was in 1808 at the corner of Argilla Road and Linden Street. In 1828 the town voted to build a second floor to the school house. This school was not used for long because it was very small and could not hold too many students.

Ipswich First High School 

There were many other schools built after this High School that were very very similar. The biggest change happened in 1936. At this time the new High School on Green Street was occupied and classes started. The town was not satisfied with this new school so after a very long time and after much debate by several committees a new high school was voted on, with federal funds the Town voted $120,000 to be added to a federal government grant of $111,725.00. The new school’s construction began in November 1935 with final completion on February 6, 1937 with a final cost of $229,000.00. At the time it was considered “a superior building” and the “pride of The Town.” Although bronze plaques were erected just inside the vestibule, few citizens know that this building was erected in memory of the veterans of World War I.

The new Ipswich HIgh School 

This High school was used for a long time, and there were also many other school’s built after. After many years of use the town once again voted for a new Middle/High School to be built. The current school became the Town Hall of the town and it still is to this day. In 1996, voters approved a new middle/high school for High Street at a cost of $31.9 million. After construction delays, the new facility opened in September, 2000 with 512 students in the High School and 502 in the Middle School. A Performing Arts Center was an exciting part of the new facility.

Ipswich Middle/High School 

The new school was very exciting and it had many features and activities for the students to do. The High School is a member of the Cape Ann League and a division II competitor in the Massachusetts interscholastic Athletic association. The sports teams are known as the Tigers and the colors of the school are orange, white, and black. The new building is laid out in octagon shape; This is where the three pods are. The three pods are labeled as Downstairs B-Pod, upstairs B-Pod and the finally upstairs A-pod. The students have classes in every pod, so students are always moving around. Beyond the classrooms in the pods the students can also take art, engineering, or music classes which are mostly located down by the middle school gym and the pac or auditorium. I asked Samir Omar who is a sophomore at Ipswich High School what he liked about the school and he said “ I like how the classes are set up in different pods, because in Middle School I was stuck in one pod. Here I can move around and it feels a lot more inviting than Middle School.” The High School today offers many different clubs for students to join and sports to play. Some of these clubs/sports are Art Club, Athletics, The Chameleon and many more. Over the years the School evolved from a small school house to a very expansive and inclusive community where everyone is welcomed.