A Finn Donovan Follow-Up


Alison Sullivan, Journalist

In July, the Class of 2022 wished good luck to a student loved by many: Finn Donovan- a writer, singer, artist, and most importantly an amazing friend.  Finn moved across the pond to Ireland. Due to his father’s change in work at NOAA, the Donovan family had to pack their bags and settle down 2,868 miles away in Skibbereen, Ireland. 


Many students and teachers at IHS have certainly missed his always-smiling face in school, such as Ms.Frost, the choral director.  She stated, “I remember Finn as an incredible student. He was always on the ball, didn’t miss a beat, and worked so hard…Even in COVID choir (nightmare) time, Finn was a true team player, never complaining, always sending out positive energy in the absolute worst choral situation.”


For Finn, this was no easy move. Even though we may speak the same language, Ireland has certainly given Finn what he calls “the most lovely culture shock possible.”  He stated, “Oh man it was crazy. Besides the normal driving on the other side of the road and legal things that are different here, the entire style of living is different here. For the first couple months I had to tell my math teacher to slow down her directions because the accent and speed are so insane.” Finn currently attends the Skibbereen Community School.  After graduation, he hopes to pursue an art career.


A lot of students at IHS have been curious about the school side of the big move and what a usual day is for him in Skibbereen. Finn offered a roughened schedule of a regular day:


“I wake up at eight, get ready, and go to school at nine. But, I have to wear the uniform right? it’s the most uncomfortable sweater of all time so with the benefit of starting late comes the caveat of the atrocious uniform. Then for school I just do regular classes to be honest. It’s not too different from Ipswich except for classes like Irish, where they have to learn the native language (Thankfully, I don’t have to take that class or else I would have to drop out entirely). When school is over at four I usually hang with my Irish lads and see what’s ‘craic’ (Irish slang, meaning a good time). We usually play some basketball which is surprisingly popular, or grab some chips (French fries). When I get home I do my homework and sleep. It’s not the most elegant of lives but it’s nice having something so similar to Ipswich.” 


As a long-time friend of Finn, it has been incredibly relieving that he can keep up his usual routine, and a taste of Ipswich in a new space. Finn has also been able to further work on his own personal project, “Boulder Gayze”. Finn sells t-shirts with his own unique and quirky designs with bright and flashy colors and hypnotically detailed characters. He has recently launched his own online store for the merchandise, which can be found at: https://boulder-gayze.teemill.com/.


Finn’s friends back in Ipswich have been urging him to come back for a final hurrah before they all graduate and follow their future paths. Luckily, Finn has accepted the offer and is planning on visiting during April vacation. “In America we are pampered and spoiled for things and the Irish couldn’t care less. Seriously though, I plan on going back and visiting all my mates and catch up with everything I’ve missed.”