Life After IHS

Abby Hertz, Journalist

There are 15.1 million students enrolled in high school, and in the year 2020, there were 3,209,510 students who graduated high school. But what do they do after high school? There are many options for all different types of students that all have unique interests and goals in life. The main thing that most people do and the most common track to take is going to college. But this sometimes isn’t the easiest thing to do. Even when someone knows that they want to go to college, it can be very stressful to apply and also think about your future. To find out more information about how life has changed after leaving IHS, I interviewed 2022 graduate Mae Davis, who now attends the University of Vermont.

When asked about what the hardest part about leaving IHS and Ipswich in general was, Mae said that there were multiple factors that made it difficult. “The hardest part for me was definitely facing the fact that I wouldn’t be in the same school as all of my classmates anymore. We all grew up together and it was hard to realize that we were all going our separate ways.” Another thing she said was strenuous was leaving her favorite teachers. “It was hard saying goodbye to some of my favorite teachers and leaving in general because we spent so much of our lives there and graduation marked a time where we were all moving on.” The last thing she said was difficult was leaving the place that had been her home for her entire life so far. “Not only moving on from IHS but also the fact that a lot of us were going to be leaving Ipswich, which has been my home for my entire life.”

Of course, leaving your hometown to go to college also comes with a lot of new things to get used to since you won’t be in the place you’ve known for your whole life anymore. I asked Mae what the hardest thing to get used to was. In her reply, she affirmed, “One of the hardest things to get used to at college was the fact that I wasn’t home anymore and that I had to make home out of this place.” She said all throughout the first week, she would wake up in the dorm expecting to be at home, but “realizing I was in my dorm kind of hit [her] hard and made [her] pretty sad, but then that feeling started to fade away as [she] settled in.”

Although there is a lot to get used to when you are in a new place and experiencing new things, there are also many good things. Mae says that one of the best things that happened was all of the new people she met. “I am very grateful to have such a good roommate and good friends and neighbors that are all so supportive and comforting and we all have a good time together.” This is a good thing to know because most people could be worried about meeting new people. Along these lines, she also said that finding a good group of friends made the transition a lot easier. She recalls, “The first week was a really weird feeling for everyone but we found fun things to do to give college a home away from home sort of feeling.” 

Finally, I asked Mae what advice she would give to people who are scared or nervous to go to college. She said that it’s okay to feel scared, and that it’s a completely normal feeling. “I always heard people saying how excited they were for college and I felt like something was wrong because my fear overpowered any feeling of excitement I could’ve been feeling. One thing I did not hide was how I felt but told people how scared I was and listened to everyone’s advice they had to give me.” She says that the best piece of advice she was told was that “it is super normal to be scared and although no one really shows it, most people are scared on some level. You will settle into your routine and make a nice group of friends and will forget about your worries.” All in all, life after IHS has been a good experience overall, and although it takes some getting used to, eventually it will all become normal.