Involvement With Clubs


Ms. Morris, one of IHS’s favorite art teachers.

Marissa Bowser , Journalist

Settling into your first year of high school can be hard. But wouldn’t it be great to have a way to make new friends in a warm environment? Joining a club can give you an opportunity to meet new people and be able to explore what you may be interested in, a judge free zone where you can voice your opinion and feel open to new options.

Art club is one of the popular clubs where students are engaging with one another and you can express your feelings through art. The art club offers an open studio to any students at any time they’d like. They meet on Tuesday from 2:30pm until 4pm. This club is a room where you aren’t tied down to certain things and you can even catch up on late work as well! Collabing with other students can be a great way to stay involved. Clubs are also helpful with finding friends who may have the same interests as you. 

As Ms. Morris said “Art club gives students a chance to have low commitment and schedule their own times to come in.” You don’t have to go to every meeting; you’re welcome to come and go. But if you’re looking to be a member you are required to show up at least 10 days. There’s no deadline to join our art club. You can join as pleased!

Art is supposed to be a low stress zone where you can work on something for a day or you could be creating something that may take weeks. Sometimes while picking classes during school you don’t always get all the classes you’ve requested. Art club gives you the opportunity to be creative outside of class. 

Joining clubs can be a good way to be involved with other students and teachers as well! Ms. Morris is a very involved teacher and cares for all of her students. Being able to connect with your teachers on a level that isn’t work based can be a great way to get through school even when you’re having a bad day. Being able to make connections with your teachers and being able to laugh and trust them can make your high school years a lot better.

There’s many different varieties of clubs you can opt to join. Art may not be your skill and that’s totally fine.  All you have to do is ask the front office, Guidance, or look on the school website. We have many different clubs for you to be socially engaged in and are all welcoming with open arms.

Ms. Morris, one of IHS’s favorite Art teachers.