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Jordan Townsend, Journalist

Jordan Townsend

James Seeley started teaching at Salem High School and taught there for 37 years,;he enjoyed teaching as he always had a smile to his face. He liked that he made a difference in kids’ lives and knew how much of an impact he had on everyone around him. 

I wasn’t able to meet Mr. Seeley until he substituted for Mrs. Slawson’s English class my freshman year. At first I thought he was just a regular sub who we would never see again, but I was quickly proven wrong when seeing him in the hallway seemed to happen on a weekly basis. With his witty comments he always had a group of us laughing and made passing through classes easier when we could stop and say hello to him and also ask how his day was going. 

Mr. Seeley didn’t always substitute at Ipswich; he was split between here and Pingree High School in Hamilton Massachusetts. He substituted between the two schools for twenty two years before he was asked to make a choice. “It was easy; I liked it here more.” Mr. Seeley told me. He is liked by many teachers; some have asked if he could be the substitute when they know they need one for the day.

After teaching at Salem High School for thirty three years, you would assume the teaching career would come to an end, but Mr Seeley chose to continue and substitute. He said,  “I would never do it if I didn’t love” which makes perfect sense although, some comments he makes may seem like he doesn’t enjoy teaching deep down we all know he loves it.

Mr.  Seeley is known for always having a good time while subbing for any teacher, specifically gym saying  “My favorite class to sub for is gym; it is preferred by the school that I sub for that class when needed.”.He also likes doing other things too and branching out to more Ipswich school run events.  “I like going to the prom and seeing everyone all dressed up; everyone always looks good” he says which I  know is greatly appreciated by students and staff when he comes out for these things. “I love the senior trips too; the senior week is interesting when I am subbing.  Everyone is always having a good time” 

James Seeley is one of the best substitutes I have met at Ipswich and will always be thankful for him, always putting a smile on my face as well as other students and teachers around him. He makes the rough days a little better when I find out he will be in one of my classes. Mr. Seeley has made such an impact on many students at Ipswich High School and his presence will be irreplaceable