England Trip For IHS Students

Ava Broglino , Journalist

Every four years, Ipswich High School offers every student that is part of the music programs the opportunity to go to England to play their instruments, sing, and travel to a new country. Given that this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity, most of the students in the music programs chose to go. The excitement over this experience is already palpable within the halls of Ipswich High School.

Casey Williams, a senior who is a member of the chorus and plays the viola for orchestra, shared her thoughts about the upcoming trip in April.  Casey said, “I think the trip should be fun; I’m a bit nervous and excited. It’s a big trip to another country which can be overwhelming and there’s a lot to prepare for.” Casey continued to say that, “Students that wanted to go on the trip were given raffle tickets during the summer to sell to help raise money for the trip. Each ticket is worth a dollar and the prize is a trip to Paris. The money goes back to you though. The more money you raise through the tickets, the more money subtracted from your personal total.” Students have had to start filling out forms about their health and dietary restrictions, who they want to share a hotel room with, and the instrument they play or if they’re in chorus. That’s just the beginning of all the hard work that goes into the week-long trip. 

Students and faculty won’t just be going on this trip to share their amazing talents, but to also travel around and get the opportunity to see different sights around England. Getting a chance to look at the information packet about the trip, many different attractions were listed. Students will be able to go to Stratford Upon Avon. This city was where William Shakespeare grew up. A Beatles’ museum, the Tower Bridge and Tower of London, Stonehenge and Lacock Abbey were also on the list. Students will also be traveling to London and Liverpool, along with staying in Bristol for most of the trip. 

Even though all of this sounds amazing, Casey does have some concerns about going. Casey exclaimed “  I do have worries and concerns about going, last year I was very settled on not going until multiple teachers had convinced me of it. I think it’s hard for me personally because I have a twin whom I share everything with, we’ve shared a room our whole life and haven’t spent that much time apart. I’m definitely nervous about being away from home and not having a lot of friends to hang out with.” 

Casey Williams during Disney night playing the viola (IHS yearbook )

Most of the IHS students that decide to go on this trip are probably concerned about the same thing. Being away from home and away from family and other friends. Being able to go on a trip like this might not happen again for some students so why not take this amazing opportunity to travel with your classmates and friends to a beautiful country.