Class 2023 Senior Fashion Show

Jeremy Lathrop, Journalist


Senior year is full of events to look forward to at IHS. Next up after this year’s homecoming dance is an exciting opportunity for seniors to get involved in fundraising for their class. On the quickly approaching 15th of November the Class of 2023’s fashion show will be held at the Hellenic Center at 117 County Rd from 7-9 pm. The seniors will walk the runway in a variety of hand picked and sponsor provided clothing. 

In previous years the senior fashion show has had great success and became a lasting memory for students of Ipswich. This year stands to be no different. There will be a total of 59 students modeling and two of our very own Seniors announcing. I interviewed Maggie McCormick, our vice president and model for the show, to gain a further understanding of how the show was planned out. She told me “Shane O’Reilly and Carolyn Bailey will be managing the microphones, cracking jokes and describing the outfits while the models work the runway.” The models will wear a selection of formal prom attire, athletic wear, casual attire and other outfits selected for the crowd’s entertainment. You can expect to see Maggie wearing a dress and a tennis outfit this anticipated Tuesday night. By the time this is published, models should already know what they’re wearing. 

For the spectators, tickets are being sold for $50 each and after interviewing one of our guidance counselors and class advisor, Claire Powers, she informed me “onlookers will have access to Tim Hopkins’ catering services. And for the viewers over 21 a wet bar will be available with drinks for purchase”. Most clothing displayed will be up for auction at Along with the outfits being advertised at auction; front row seats to the 2023 graduation, Celtics tickets, as well as a movie night and ice cream sundae basket, provided by the classes of 2025 and 2024 will be open for bidding. Profits raised will be put towards future senior events such as senior week and senior prom. I asked Mrs. Powers the results of last year’s fashion show and she told me that “over ten thousand dollars was raised and the crowd had a blast”. She also made sure to mention “We are super thankful for parent support because we wouldn’t be able to make these things possible without their help”.

The fashion show is shaped up to be one of the most entertaining events of the year. Get your tickets now because it might already be too late! With Carolyn and Shane announcing and a great selection of student models, you won’t want to miss it.