Ipswich High School Girl’s Basketball Preview


Decha Perron, Journalist

After a tough season last year, the Ipswich High School Girl’s Basketball team is aiming to become more successful. This upcoming season, the team will be led by Captains Emma Campbell (12) and Izzie Wetter (11), and will continue to be coached by Chris Tolios. Campbell explains that last year, the team wasn’t “working together well,” and with the loss of many great seniors, any other team might be worried about their prospects for a winning season. However, both captains still have high hopes for this upcoming season.

Campbell has only been on the team for one year, as she was new her junior year. However, she was able to make a big impact on the team and has gained the position of captain her senior year, as many of the players look up to her skills and ability to lead on the court. She will be the only senior this year and hopes to influence the team by becoming an even stronger player. She explains that she wants to “be better while I’m out on the court,” while leading the team to what will hopefully be many victories. 

As a player and a captain, Wetter hopes “to step up on the court as a leader,” and “to lead with positivity to create a positive team culture.” Wetter’s favorite part of being on this team is the bonding they do through team breakfasts, and bus rides, so she and Campbell will continue to think of team bonding exercises that will help the team to “establish a great relationship on and off the court.” 

With strong, incoming freshman and other underclassmen players with notable abilities, both captains hope that this season will be less about rebuilding skills-wise and more about strengthening the team’s relationship, as well as improving their ability to play together, despite the loss of many key players. Campbell is especially excited about playing with freshman Lucy Donahue, who did exceptionally well in their summer league, and hopes that Lucy will be a great addition to the team. Wetter explains that she believes “point guard Emma Campbell as well as our shooting guard Ella Stein will both make major impacts with their abilities to shoot in varieties of ranges.” She is also excited to see what Hazel Hoog will do this year as she is a “very strong three-point shooter who can drain three-pointers from the outside.”

Overall, the Tigers are looking strong for this season, and with hard work, teamwork, and an overall positive attitude, the Captains believe they will be able to pull off a winning season.