We Welcome Ms. Rouse

Anna Cotter

You may have heard the name Ms. Rouse around the school lately; she is our new graphic design and photography teacher at Ipswich High School, and is proving to be a great addition to our campus.  In an effort to get to know her better, The Tiger Transcript got the story behind the name?

Ms. Rouse found her passion for photography from her science teacher who had a dark room in the back of her lab room. She said, “I was instantly hooked and have had a camera in hand ever since.” As time went on Ms. Rouse was really considering photography as a career for herself. “I have always photographed for myself but started taking clients in 2013,” Ms. Rouse explains. At first Ms. Rouse expresses how she didn’t love the idea of photographing for families. “I never thought I would have any interest in photographing families but after the first session, I felt instantly hooked.” 

From there Ms. Rouse went on to photograph weddings, portraits, and headshots, and eventually accepted a job as adjunct professor at Boston University helping students who had little design experience. She loved seeing the students she was working with become passionate about the field who have never been exposed to design. Ms. Rouse loved the positive impact that she made on the students. “I had several students over my few years there who decided to seek out a master’s education in design after taking my classes, which was the best achievement a teacher could ask for!” 

As if that wasn’t enough, Ms. Rouse worked on the design team for Converse and was creative director for photoshoots. As an avid Converse wearer, I asked her about her experience while working with them. Her response was very informative. “It was fun and engaging to work with large teams of incredibly talented people. Everyone is working towards a single goal.”  She added later that she loved the conceptual part of the process where we would ideate and create vision boards.

When Ms. Rouse saw the opportunity to teach at Ipswich High School, she decided that she wanted to bring her knowledge in both graphic design and photography to her local community. I interviewed Ava Broglino of her first impressions of Ms. Rouse as her new graphic design teacher. Ava said “she cares deeply about her students and their successes.”