Ipswich High Welcomes Mr. Caulfield!

Abby Hertz and Nina Galanis

     New to Ipswich High School this year, Mr. Caulfield has shared with us some of his background and how he ended up here. Considering he has only been in this school for a few months, he has already made an impact on many students. From graduating with a history degree to moving to New Hampshire and working at a restaurant, we gained all of the insight into how he would eventually end up teaching at Ipswich.

     Mr. Caulfield was your typical honors student, with impressive grades in advanced placement history courses. He was interested in history and science and which was the reason he minored in psychology. Mr. C “disliked math because of my teacher” which challenges him to portray a positive attitude so students enjoy learning about history. Growing up in Lynnfield and attending the University of Massachusetts Amherst, he has gained a well-equipped mastery of the study of history. At first, he didn’t know he wanted to be a teacher. He initially thought he wanted to be in sales, but also worked many jobs before that such as substitute teaching, landscaping, and waitering. 

     Growing up and attending Lynnfield High, Mr. Caulfield was used to the courses provided here at Ipswich. Although he was unsure about the policy of senior privilege as well as the layout of the school, he was eager to apply when he saw an empty position. “I moved near Lake Winnipesaukee after high school and began working in the school system” Mr. C explained. He began subbing in his first job out of college and soon realised he was interested in teaching in the classroom. Before becoming a world history teacher as well as a psychology teacher, he worked in multiple schools and gained his masters degree. As a member of the staff of IHS, Mr. C enjoys the 70-minute class schedule as well as the numerous advanced placement courses we offer. 

     Being able to start fresh, Mr. Caulfield has been a well-respected teacher throughout the building. Greeting students in the hallways as well as being a positive role model for most. His teaching style at IHS is very diverse and includes hands-on activities, projects, tests, and studying activities which never get boring! Senior student Brian Milano took A.P Psychology this year because he was interested in studying the brain. After hearing that a new psychology teacher was hired, he was nervous to see how they would fit into the school environment. Refreshed with the new personality that entered our walls in September, Brian feels very engaged in class and loves the hands-on activities completed in the classroom. He writes, “As a teacher, he and I have connected.”

     Although new to our school system, Mr. Caulfield has already made a very positive impact on the students that he teaches. Overall he is excited about what he is teaching, and his passion for the subjects make it easy to learn from him. His teaching style makes it very easy for a wide variety of types of students to be able to learn the subject in depth, and his activities in class keep students engaged and interested. We are excited to welcome Mr. Caulfield to IHS and are so glad that students have the opportunity to learn from him.