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Chemist Costs State Millions

Kyle Blomster

November 27, 2013

Annie Dookhan, 35, is a former Massachusetts chemist who worked at the state drug lab for nine years.  She is currently facing charges related to the tainting of evidence, faking test results, and consistently ignoring testing...

Scientists Discover New Body Part

Nicole Stone

November 20, 2013

The tearing of the ACL in the human knee is one of the most common injuries experienced by athletes. Through activities which involve pivoting, such as basketball, soccer, and football, ACL tears are bound to happen at some...

Get Involved or Stay Neutral?

October 23, 2013

Should the United States become involved in over seas affairs?  This seems to be the question ringing in everyone’s mind, including Obama.  According to Mr. Ames, the United States should “not get involved.  Neither si...

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