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Swim Team Press

Lia Moylan, journalist

March 2, 2016

  Sports are very important to most students who attend Ipswich High School and are used as a way to fit in with their peers.  Teenagers today experience a numerous amount of benefits from competing in sports in public schools,...

Nothing Can Stop the Indoor Track Team

January 6, 2016

Anyone who walked into the high school’s cafeteria this fall instantly noticed a change.  Over the summer, the floor of the cafeteria, and therefore track, was resurfaced.  A new season for the Ipswich Indoor Track Team ...

A Team Full of Heart

A Team Full of Heart

November 18, 2015

Tiger Football is BACK

Tiger Football is BACK

October 14, 2015

Roger Goodell hated?

Corey Elliott

June 1, 2015

The most powerful man in sports could be the most hated man in the United States, especially in New England right now. Many of us believe that Roger Goodell failed at being the NFL commissioner because of the ways that he has han...


Nikki Pignone

April 16, 2015

  Concussions have proved to be one of the most common yet serious injuries in high school and college athletes. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that occurs from a severe hit in the head or body and causes...

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