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  • August 31"Pursuant to state law, no expression made by students in the exercise of such rights shall be deemed to be an expression of school policy and no school officials shall be held responsible in any civil or criminal action for any expression made or published by the students."
There has been plenty of controversy at Ipswich High school about no longer having bathroom doors. So, we want to know, bathroom doors? Helpful or hurtful? After talking to students, teachers, parents, and past IHS students, we have heard many opinions on the matter. Some feel there is no privacy. Some, think that it will stop vaping; and others, can truly see both sides of this fight. As journalists and students here, we believe that the doors should be put back on the bathrooms; here's why.

For the students who weren’t vaping, we lost our privacy. Although it may or may not be effective in stopping the vapers, it has ruined the assurement of safety throughout the school. Highschool is already tough for some kids who feel as if they don’t fit in. The bathroom was one of the only places you could go to feel a sense of privacy; because there was a door, but now that it is off that is all gone. Senior, Ben Yanakakis, had a lot to say about this issue, “For me, I feel like I have been totally stripped of my privacy. When kids or teachers walk down the hall they can make direct eye contact with me, it just kind of awkward.” A lot of kids feel the same way as him, as do some of the teachers. When asking a few teachers, who wished to not be named, one said, “Me being an older male teacher, when I walk by the bathrooms, I feel the need to turn my head away because I am put in an awkward position, and don’t know where to look.” We feel as if this is the case amongst all of us. No one wants to be standing in the bathroom after finishing their business, and make awkward eye contact with another person. In addition, now while walking by the bathrooms, you can hear everything. This makes students feel too uncomfortable to even go to the bathroom. Senior, Marisa Sheppard, says, “I just don’t feel comfortable going to the bathroom anymore. It’s strange because when I walk by the bathrooms, I can hear someone in there; so I know when i’m in there anyone walking by can hear me too.” Even though using the bathroom is a natural humane process we all do, we are all still in highschool and whether we like it or not, high schoolers will find any reason to judge or make fun of someone and this is just another silly reason.

While looking into other schools who have taken the same measures as we have to stop the vaping, we came across the same controversy that we have here in Ipswich. At other schools, they claim that this is helping to stop the main issue. But we want to know, is it actually stopping this issue, or are kids being more sneaky and figuring out alternative ways and places to use their vape other than standing behind a bathroom door? When hearing about this from students at our school and students from other schools, parents had a lot of concerns with the doors not being on their child's bathrooms. They wanted to know if this was allowed, if it was safe and who made the final decision. Although we don’t have all the answers to those questions, we can infer that, although it must be allowed, it doesn’t make it the safest option for the students.

Overall, we believe that the doors should be put back in place. We believe it is walking all over the privacy of all students. Especially those who have done nothing wrong, and are genuinely just trying to use the bathroom in peace. The majority of students who go to the bathroom, go to do their business. The disappearance of the bathroom doors will most likely not stop those who choose to vape and they will find a way no matter what.  They shouldn’t have their privacy taken away because a select few decide they want to vape in our bathrooms.

Andriana Silva and Kayci Brouillette , Journalists

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Andriana Silva and Kayci Brouillette