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The JUUL Epidemic : The 2nd Wave of Nicotine Addiction

John Gardner and Dukey Kriksceonaitis, Contributor

May 24, 2017

The JUUL is a brand new electronic cigarette made by the vaporizer company, Pax. Claimed to be designed to get smokers off cigarettes and onto a safer alternative, the company's main motivation is being questioned. Instead of...

Carnegie Hall: An Ipswich Story

Max Benford, Journalist

May 24, 2017

What does it take to perform on a world renowned stage? In some cases, you don’t have to be a professional. Sometimes it takes a group of students who set their mind on a goal and achieved it. Local Ipswich High School Chamb...

How Much Are They Watching?

Nathan Dubrow and Nick Hawwa

May 24, 2017

Cameras in school, that is the question that’s been getting press around the country. For many years, the public schools of Ipswich have had few problems regarding theft or other small crimes. No matter the fact, Ipswich Hig...

Why video games are helpful to students.

Nick Hawwa and Jeremy Radzim

May 10, 2017

Many adults are under the false impression that video games, “rot your brain and are a waste of time.” This, however, has been proven to be a myth and is not true at all. In fact, the opposite is true. Countless teenagers...

Prom Stress

Prom Stress

April 14, 2017

From Ipswich To Peru

Carly Restuccia and Taylor Hanibal

April 14, 2017

From Costa Rica, to London, France and Amsterdam, and now to Peru, students of Ipswich High School have traveled all around the world within the last few years and are making an impact. From band concerts, to learning about new...

BRIDGE Program

Chloe Bilo and Timmy Miller

April 14, 2017

BRIDGE Program: Bringing Reality Into Diverse Growth Experiences is an amazing chance for the students of IHS to gain real world experience. This is an opportunity where seniors can participate in an outside of school interns...

Handling High School

April 14, 2017

Everyone goes through high school wanting his or her senior year to come as soon as possible. The thought of being the top-dogs in school, the oldest, and having seniority over everyone else can be overwhelmingly exciting, but...

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