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  • August 31Welcome Back to the 2017-2018 School Year!

2017-2018 Staff

Craig Anderson

Staff Writer

Craig Anderson, Entrepreneur, spends most of his time outside of school reselling designer brands such as Supreme, Off White and shoes. His goal in life is to become a brand owner and also become the best business man that ever...

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Kieran McCormack


Kieran McCormack is a senior at Ipswich high school. After high school he plans on attending Bryant University and majoring in finance. After he gets his degree he plans on finding a job on wall street and making more money th...

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Garrett Labrecque

Staff Writer

Garrett Labrecque is a teenager who attends Ipswich High School. Garrett lives in a rowdy house of seven people, and enjoys every second of down time he can get. Garrett believes he is a mastermind, in his own mind, and every...

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Zoe Ciarametaro

Staff Writer

Zoe is a seriously devoted art student and spends most of her time in the art room. She loves to travel and will be going to Spain this November. She is hoping to study fine arts at the Savannah College of Art and Design. Her ...

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Jake Coletti

Staff Writer

Jake Coletti is a student at IHS who enjoys spending time with his friends. His favorite music genres are rap, country, and rock. He is also the best motocross racer in the school mostly because no one else knows how to ride a...

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Madison O'Brien

Staff Writer

Madison O’Brien is a passionate world traveler and has plans to go skiing in Austria this year. She plans on attending the College of the Atlantic next year to major in human ecology, focusing on geography and anthropology. ...

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Meghan O'Connor

Staff Writer

Meghan O’Connor is a high school senior who loves her family, friends and yellow lab, Shelly. Meghan grew up in Ipswich and looks forward to her college experience next year. Her favorite activities consist of being outdoors and p...

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Carolina Ivanov

Staff Writer

Carolina Ivanov is a senior at Ipswich High School. She is an athlete and competes in a plethora of sports including Soccer, swimming, track and field and volleyball. For college she wants to play division one soccer at the Univ...

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Tyler Whynott

Staff Writer

Tyler Whynott is an avid 4 year Varsity Soccer player. He lives in Ipswich, Massachusetts, and goes to Ipswich High School and is a senior. He is looking forward to going to  college and wants to play soccer in college and e...

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Peter Spinale

Staff Writer

Peter likes chicken parmesan and pasta. He loves listening to AC/DC before playing his favorite sport, football. He read his favorite book, My Side of the Mountain, when he was 12. He also loves to cook his own breakfast. Pete...

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Austin Pszenny

Staff Writer

Austin Pszenny is a senior at IHS who enjoys playing tennis and pretending to understand what's going on in his classes.  Austin's other hobbies include running, playing video games, and cooking eggs for breakfast (the only thing...

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Mikayla Koerber

Staff Writer

Mikayla Koerber is a student at Ipswich High School who plays volleyball and works at the Ipswich Dairy Queen.  She loves to relax at home, watch tv and kick her feet up.  She loves to work with her friends and make ice cream...

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Jake Wile

Staff Writer

Jakes favorite food is a burger and his pet peeve is people saying stuff that isn't true. One thing on his bucket list is to get a diesel also his career goal is to work for Iron Tree. His friends would describe him as a ...

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PJ Bussing

Staff Writer

PJ dislikes when people don’t respond to him. PJ likes spending time with his friends and girlfriend. He likes anything that has a motor that he can drive....

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Chris Falcione

Staff Writer

Chris is a senior who does not hate any words and loves to draw goats in human clothes. His interests include his dog named Gully, curry and bands you’ve probably never heard of. He’s an urban, emo, fun-lovin’ guy. ...

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Zach Long

Staff Writer

Zach Long is a good kid. He is a senior at Ipswich High school and he plans to go skydiving some day. He hopes to go to a state school for college. Zach lives with his two brothers and parents in Ipswich, Massachusetts. His mai...

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Aidan McAdams

Staff Writer

You won't find a more nimble soldier in between the pipes.  With a forty yard dash closing in on 6.0, you will be able to outrun him but you will never be able to out wit him.  Being ranked nationally in Connect Four, Aidan enjoys w...

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Haley Williams

Staff Writer

Haley Williams is a senior at Ipswich High School. Her favorite food is mashed potatoes and salad, but not together. She loves to hang out with friends on weekends and get her nails done bright colors. She cheers at the high ...

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Quinn Comprosky

Staff Writer

Quinn Comprosky, who would marry a map if it was possible, is an avid lover of the world as a whole. He has a strong passion for traveling and archaeology, and hopes to spend his life exploring other cultures. He has two dogs and ph...

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Michael D'Agostino

Staff Writer

Michael D’Agostino is just one groovy dude and is always up to some sort of shenanigans. His favorite food is duck and is an avid Star Wars fan. Michael’s pet peeves are people who don’t know how to use locational terms cor...

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Kevin Swenson

Staff Writer

Kevin Swenson is a senior at Ipswich High School. He plays Football and Lacrosse for Ipswich. Kevin's favorite food is steak and his favorite drink is Arnold Palmer. Skiing is one of his hobbies during the winter. He is a Hudl...

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Jake Lombara

staff writer

Jake is an outdoors person and in his free time likes to drive 4 wheelers. Jake secret talent is being a dad. His career goal is to retire at 55. His pet peeve is anything on the road that doesn't go 10 mph over the speed limit....

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Filip Kernan

Staff Writer

Filip is a senior and the captain of the robotics team.  Of things that he spends his time on, robotics takes the cake, sometimes spending 25 hours per week on it.  He has been part of multiple news stories that involve robot...

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Ava Huntley

Staff Writer

Ava Huntley is a senior this year and part of the journalism class. In her free time she likes to spend time with her volleyball team and hang out at the beach. Her favorite food is a cheeseburger, and ironically she works at Bun...

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Blake Emerson

Staff Writer

Blake's favorite food is steak. His pet peeve is people asking dumb questions. One thing on his bucket list is to own a fat diesel. His friends would describe him as a kid who works a ton. His goal in life is to own a really succ...

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Stephanie Veerman

Staff Writer

Steph, also know as the finsta god of IHS, aspires to be an ER physician. She loves JFK and One Direction… well, who doesn´t? The math loving student keeps her school work schedule strict and her personal life abundant. She...

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Barry Giglio

Staff Writer

Barry is a Senior at IHS and this is his first year writing for the Tiger Transcript. Barry’s interests include rooting for Boston sports teams, playing video games, and staying indoors. Barry’s favorite words are grit, hustle...

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Amanda Williams

Staff Writer

Amanda Williams is a senior at Ipswich High School and her favorite food is seafood. She does cheerleading and her friends would describe her as nice, funny and gullible. Amanda works at The Clam Box at the register on most wee...

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Audrey McMorrow

Staff Writer

Audrey McMorrow is a senior at Ipswich High School.  Audrey plays field hockey and works at Wild Birds Unlimited where she makes good money.  She enjoys watching Seinfeld and being served dinner in bed by her mom after a long ...

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Hannah LaFrance

Staff Writer

Hannah LaFrance is the daughter of legendary Ipswich High School teacher Lori LaFrance. Hannah is interested in the finer things in life, such as curry and strange indie bands. However, she does not like big words, such as Mis...

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