Tours and Scores

Are you a fan of music? Chances are, the answer is yes. No matter the style and genre of music, most people find at least some interest in a given form of music. What do people do when they like a certain type of music or a certain band? They go and see them live! There are thousands upon thousands of concerts every year throughout the US, but there is one kind of concert that appeals to a bigger majority of people. These concerts are called Music Festivals.

Music Festivals feature many bands and usually last anywhere from one or two days, to a whole month. A good majority also take place more towards the warmer months around spring and summer. And the best part about them is, you get to see new and old music, discover bands you didn’t know about, and watch your favorite rock stars do their thing.

Though not all music festivals happen everywhere in the country, there are a few that are easily accessed by us New Englanders. These festivals are Boston Calling, Vans Warped Tour, and Lollapalooza. Boston Calling and Warped tour are always accessible in our area every year for about one or two days, and they offer an amazing array of different style of music ranging from new techno to late 90’s and early 2000’s punk rock. Lollapalooza, not always in the same place every year, will occur in Chicago, IL, this year making it harder for New Englanders to access. But it is one of the most popular music festivals in the US.
Boston calling, first opened in spring, 2013, and it occurred twice that year. It will also be coming back this spring. It lasts 2-3 days and offers different types of music on the different days of the festival. Tickets for a single day cost around $80.00 for 2013, and cost about double that amount for a two day pass. The prices for the three days occurring in 2014 hasn’t been released yet. The same goes for the set list. However, if you are planning on attending, you can expect the prices to be about the same, and the lineup to be just as amazing if not better. Some big names from the September 2013 Boston Calling included Passion Pit, Kendrick Lamar, and many more.

This festival was originally suppose to be a one time deal, but was received so well, they are continuing on with it. And as Mr. Freemont-Smith, IHS music director said, “The festival looked like a blast even though I didn’t go.” So those of you looking for a great musical experience check out Boston Calling.

The next easily accessible music festival is Vans Warped Tour. The Warped Tour includes a less diverse lineup compared to Lollapalooza and Boston Calling, but is no less enjoyable. Vans Warped Tour tours around the country during the summer months every year and brings bands along with it such as Saves the Day, The Color Morale, Motion City Soundtrack and a lot more alternative, punk, metalcore and pop punk bands. The Warped Tour also features lesser known bands such as Newburyport native Austin Bryant’s Beneath the Sheets, who made an appearance during the 2013 Warped Tour. This festival is more for those who are into the punk and metalcore type music but is still a fantastic show none the less. IHS student Nicole Roach said “It was the best concert of my life!” It is strongly recommended to attend this festival if this is your style of music and want an awesome experience.

Last, but most certainly not least is Lollapalooza. This one is a three day festival that occurs in the spring or summer anywhere from May to August. They feature different kinds of music for each day that it is open ranging from Blink-182 to Bon Jovi. However, unlike the other festivals, Lollapalooza changes its location every year. It will be in Chicago, IL, this year making it harder for people from New England to attend. However, it is an amazing and highly rated festival. If you would like to attend, the tickets usually go for around $100.00 for a single day pass and anywhere from $200.00+ for a three day pass. The prices and bands are not released for 2014 yet, but there will be over 130 bands playing over the three days. If you have the time and money to attend this, or either of the other two festivals, the odds of you scoring a good time is overwhelmingly in your favor. And don’t forget to bring your friends for an even more memorable and great experience.