Ipswich Boys Lacrosse


Connor Killian , Journalist


The Ipswich Boys Lacrosse program is looking to have a big year being led by senior captains Jeff Statile and Vinny Martineau. Coaches Glenn Foster and Pete Ginolfi hope to rally the boys for a big season. Starting attackman Elliot Bates, Connor Killian, and Killian Morrissey will be scheming up some tricky plays.

With the snow covering the fields, the boys on the lacrosse team will travel to Governor’s Academy to use their turf field for preseason practice and scrimmages. Thanks to the boys boosters, they covered the cost of the renting the field. Coach Glenn Foster says, “This looks to be the best year for the team in a while.” With much of the team returning as seniors, they all look to make their last season one to remember.

Although senior captain Jeff Statile is out with an ACL injury, he is said to be good to go for the season opener. Captain Vinny Martineau is looking to control things up at the midfield. Senior defenseman, Eddie Flaherty and Robbie Glavin say they will not be letting anyone take shots from inside the fifteen on their goalie. Looking back on the previous seasons, the boys on the lacrosse team have struggled to make it above five hundred on the seasons. Last year was a big game changer for the team. They had a chance to get into the tournament but fell short by two tough losses towards the end of the season. With most the team returning as seniors, the lacrosse team thinks they will have the experience and talent to take them to the tournament. Senior attackmen Elliot Bates and Connor Killian say, “they are just going to do their thing this season and take it all the way.” Coach Pete Ginolfi has big plans for the offense. He has coached Beverly Lacrosse and says he has a few tricks up his sleeve for this upcoming season.

All of the boys are getting very antsy for the snow to melt so they can get on the field and put the hours in to become successful. The team has a jamboree and two scrimmages before the season is officially underway. Foster says, “I wanted to get the team some competition early on so they can work harder and adjust to be successful on the field.” With starting  righty sophomore Killian Morrissey, the boys on attack are going to get even more creative than they did in the previous season.

The first couple weeks are going to be hard for the lacrosse team; the white balls are going to be hard to pick up with the six foot snowbanks on the edges of the field. They are going to have to adapt and work through it or use colored lacrosse balls. As for the seniors on the team, this will be the last Ipswich High School jersey they will ever put on. The seniors of the team plan to get a big support group out their for the games. Everyone is encouraged to come out and give the boys and the girls lacrosse team support. The more fans the more the lacrosse teams will work to win. One game at a time, the boys will work as hard as possible to make it into the state tournament.