Preview of the Tiger Transcript

Zachary Eliopoulos

This is the first edition of the 2015 Tiger Transcript done by the seniors of the class of 2015.  A lot of interesting activities, sports and news worthy articles have occurred in this winter into early spring.  

One article you will read about is how much snow we got this year in Ipswich and in Boston and how this winter is crippling the MBTA.  A fun activity that is taking place in April is the trip to England for the band, chorus and orchestra.  Almost half the school will be traveling overseas to England to be able to play music amongst some of the most talented musicians.  Although there are a lot of articles about fun activities, sports recaps and projections for upcoming sports, there are a lot of serious articles that you can read.  One in specific is about the budget and how this will affect almost every student and a lot of teachers.

After almost tearing up from reading those articles, you can then go back and enjoy some positive things in Ipswich.  One is that you can find out the best places to go when boating around Cranes and how Jeff Statile will be returning in his senior year in Lacrosse after battling a severe knee injury in the previous year.