Isis has become a movement that everyone is aware of.  Of course people know about the tragedies, and the chaos, but do they know why this is happening?  So many people are scared by the events happening, but don’t take time to realize what’s going on.

Where did Isis come from? As I ask this question to multiple people, the answers seem to stay relatively the same: responses such as “I have no idea” from Lexi Parker or “maybe Syberia” from Kayley Parrella.

So where did Isis really come from? Isis can be traced back to the Sunni terrorist organization al Qaeda(Iraq).  That organization was lead by Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, who was responsible for bombings, kidnappings, and beheadings.  After his death, leadership of the group was handed over to an Iraq fighter, Abu Du’a.  Their organization had become weak in 2007, when a large alliance of Iraqi Sunni tribes supported the U.S.  This was when their organization saw a chance to expand its power and move into Syria.  By 2013, Al-Baghdadi had spread his groups ideas back into Iraq and changed the groups name to “Isis”.

Another important element is what Isis’ goal is.  When I asked some individuals, I got responses such as: “to gain power” from Lexi Parker, or “does anyone know?” from Kayley Parrella.  The real answer is that is no one is sure what exactly the goal is, but it is our job to keep our citizens out of their movement.  U.S. citizens have been joining Isis, especially young teenage girls.  The fact behind this is that they are targeting the young and bribing them.  How are they getting in touch with members of the U.S.?  We aren’t sure.  Just recently, two U.S. girls(age 15) flew out to what their family had thought to be a wedding.  Shortly after, the parents hadn’t heard from the girls, and they never returned home.  Evidence states that the girls ended up flying to supposively Siberia, and are thought to have joined Isis.  No one can know for sure how Isis is getting in touch with our citizens, and no one knows why we follow. The one conclusion that we know of is simply the fact that Isis is bribing young girls.  Isis will tell the girls that they will be taken care of, will have all the money they need, and probably luxuries.


Also, another example of Isis in action is when Lt. Muath al-Kaseasbeh was burned alive.  This pilot was a newlywed, who got burned alive in a cage.  With videos all over the internet, you can literally see the flesh melting off of his body.  With Isis standing there with professional filming, you see just how evil these people are.  We need to put a stop to this movement,  even though it is hard to act when not knowing the exact wishes of these people.  By informing more people about Isis, and creating awareness, you never know when a new step can be taken.