Bridge Program



The bridge program is a program available to the high schools seniors here at Ipswich. For the fourth quarter you have the opportunity to not be in school. You can intern at the place of your choice starting in April. This is huge opportunity for kids who just can’t wait to finish high school.

In order to do bridge there are a few requirements you must meet. During the third quarter your grades are huge. You must pass all your classes. Also, attendance is an important part. You can not have over five absences during the third quarter and if you do then you can not do bridge. It’s very important to keep an eye on your attendance so you do not get to miss out! Lastly, there are severly meetings that are held during the day that are very important to attend. Here, you will get paperwork to be filled out from the worksite that you are going to. You need to have at least thirty hours a week and will be expected to keep a timesheet for every week. This is an easy thing to do considering the fact that you no longer have to attend school. You also have to fill out journals. There are three journals to be written every week talking about how the day was and any complications or something you liked during your experience.

You gain a lot of responsibility when you join bridge. It gives you a sense of how it is to work in the real world, and what it is like to work long hours of the day. Also, if you intern with the career that you wish to pursue, it helps you decided whether or not that is really what you would like to do. When interviewing a student who was doing bridge she told me, “I’m really excited to be out of school and working. Even though I am going to be at the job I am at now, it’s going to give me a good work ethic. I’ll be earning money and learning a lesson.”

If you are looking to be out of high school fast and get a look into the real world, I suggest looking into joining the bridge program.  It is a huge opportunity that Ipswich has given seniors who deserve it and have worked hard the past four years.