Is The Cost Worth It?

Is The Cost Worth It?

Sarah Wallis, Opinion

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As people say, “If you work hard, you will succeed in life no matter what.” I disagree with this comment; a lot of success in life comes down to where you go for your education. You may work hard to get into the college of your dreams, but you may not have the money to go. Nowadays colleges are, “over the top expensive” and preventing young adults from  following their dreams.

As a student looking to go to college after I graduate my senior year, I am in guidance a lot talking with Mrs. May about colleges. When I interviewed her on what she thinks about college expenses, she had many good ideas on how to keep the costs reasonable. For example, she explained how she went to a college instate (UMass), so it would be less expensive; her daughter on the other hand, went to Tufts University because that is where Mrs. May’s husband works. Therefore, she got what;s called tuition remission, which pays her whole tuition. That is the only reason she is not in debt as a college graduate and mother.

Mrs. May also explained how the most common problem with applying to colleges is the financial problems. She explained, “The hardest conversation to have with your kid is telling them they can’t go to their dream college because of financial problems.” It is hard for her to see a student’s dream get crushed after getting accepted into their dream college but not being able to go because of financial difficulties. Mrs. May’s advice to all the readers planning to go to college is to  think about student loans, as well as to get as many scholarships as you can.

The second person I interviewed was Abby Potter, a senior at Ipswich High School. She agrees that college expenses are way too high, and as a senior looking at colleges to attend next year, money will be a problem. She plans to go to an out of state college which could cost almost double the amount of an in state college tuition; therefore, she has been saving up, as well as her parents for her college.

Abby explains, “I’m not going to choose my college based on how much it costs; I’m just hoping my dream college will be affordable.” But, to me you shouldn’t have to dream to go to a college even when you can’t attend because of the costs. I think that colleges should be more affordable to the middle class families; If you work hard enough, you could attend any college you want.

Abby explains how her older sister Brittany went to University of Rhode Island but wanted to switch her major. Switching her major at URI would have cost way too much, so Brittany ended up transferring to Northshore Community College for a year to save money.

Financial problems are another factor you need to take into consideration while applying to colleges. As a senior looking to go to college next year, I think that colleges are way too overpriced and stats show that more and more students are coming out of college with thousands of dollars in debt. I hope reading this article made you realize that sometimes it isn’t worth paying money you that don’t have to go to a specific college.