Dress to Impress

Dan Lonergan


Throughout high schools across the country there have been many controversies surrounding most of the rules regarding cell phone use and dress code. Dress codes have to be one of the most important rules that some of the students disagree with at Ipswich High. Across the nation there are schools that do have a dress code and schools that do not have a dress code but do have certain rules about dressing. Many private schools around the country are required to wear formal clothing as a part of the dress code, such as a shirt and tie, while on the other hand public schools do not have a strict dress code, but rather certain rules pertaining to clothing style. The reason that most clothing is not allowed at schools is because of a message that the shirt says or implies, or if the clothing is too provocative and deemed distracting. In my opinion the dress code at Ipswich High isn’t bad.

At Ipswich High School, the school’s dress code is very similar to the dress code at other public schools in the area. Students can  pretty much wear whatever they want, as long as it is appropriate for school. Ipswich High School’s student handbook outlines the specific rules that apply to the high school’s dress code. The most common clothing violation among male students at Ipswich High School is clothing with the use of profanity or sexual explicit content. An example of this violation would be a t-shirt with drug references, nudity, or swear words. The most common dress code violation for female students at Ipswich High School is pants that are too short or tops that reveal too much skin. If a student does wear something that violates Ipswich High’s dress code, it can be a big problem for the student and repeated offenses could result in punishments.

Dress code overall in my opinion isn’t that big of a deal. All that matters is that you feel comfortable in the clothes you wear. No student would want to wear clothing that is uncomfortable and have to be walking around school and sitting in class all day feeling that way. What a student wears represents that person’s personality and allows for the student to express themselves. I often find that sometimes wearing something nice can boost your confidence for the day, make you feel good and feel ready to take on the day. I had the chance to interview one of my good friends, Peter Pappas, about his opinions on the dress code at Ipswich High. When I asked how he felt about dress code he responded saying, “I don’t think there is anything wrong with it, except gym class when you can’t have armpits showing.” I also asked him whether he thinks an outright ban should be put on certain style of clothing. Peter’s opinion was that, “The things that are banned now, are the clothing I would ban.” The final question I asked Peter was if some clothing causes distractions. He responded saying, “No, it does not.” I agree with Peter’s opinion, most of all on the no armpits rule in gym class. In gym class you want to stay cool because you work hard and you sweat a lot, which the open armpits allow.

My final opinion of dress code at Ipswich High Schools as well as other schools is that there is nothing wrong with it. Students should be able to wear whatever they please. As long as the clothing isn’t inappropriate, causes distractions, and is rude to others then I see no problem at all about it.