Truey the True Talent

Liam Sullivan, Opinion Writer

Harry Bouve is a teenage kid who grew up on Town Farm Road and attended the Ipswich High School for four years. Harry is known throughout the town and the general region by the name “Truey” and at one time Truancy; he is really making a name for himself. Many can’t believe a rapper coming from Ipswich could really make a name for himself. Yet since making his first appearance on the radio this week and having numerous songs with thousands of views, people have really stopped doubting Truey. I was given the opportunity to meet Truey himself and his manager, Rico, to learn more about the rapper.

Having known Harry for over three years now, we have became close friends, and I’ve attended a few of his concerts. The interview was very easy, and Harry, as always ,was calm, cool, and collected which gave me some very good answers. I asked Truey what made him start rapping and why. Harry gave me a detailed answer, saying, “I started rapping and recording when I was 13. I started rapping because I’ve always had a love for rap music and a love for being on stage. Rapping comes naturally to me, and I believe I was put on earth to be a musical artist and stand out.” This showed me how confident Harry is in his music and that at this point he has a lot of experience.

As a fan of his music for years now, I have noticed improvement in each track he’s released. My next question for Harry was what is the story behind his rap name Truey?  He gave me an interesting answer stating, “Well originally in High school I was known as “Truancy”,  which is ironic because I had perfect attendance in High School. Once I graduated there was no reason for me to be called Truancy. So I adopted the name Truey because that’s what my close friends called me, so as a graduate I thought Truey fit well.” This makes sense to me, as I also would call Harry “Truey” whenever I see him.

My last question for my good friend was, “Do you think you can make it big?” He stated, “I have no doubt in my mind that something will happen with what I’m creating. Ever since Rico started managing me, it’s been nothing but positive energy and good news. I believe you can accomplish anything that you put 110% effort in.” It’s evident Harry believes one day he’ll have a career in the rap world; he just doesn’t know what yet, and his manager, Rico, is getting the job done.

My next interviewee was wuth Harry’s manager Rico, who comes from Burlington, Mass. I met Rico once prior to the interview, at my good friend Marco’s. Rico is a guy who carries great confidence and energy and kindly accepted my request to interview him. My first question for Rico was how long have you known Harry, and how did you guys meet? He gave me an interesting answer saying, “For three months I’ve known Harry, and I don’t call him Harry. I call him Truey. I’ve managed Truey for three months on house arrest, and finally I got off.”

The way he talked it had sounded like Rico had known Harry for longer than just three months. My next question for Rico was what was his favorite Truey song was. He gave me a good answer stating, “I don’t have a favorite Truey song, because everything he puts out is a banger, regardless if he’s not trying. His music makes your head nod, even if you don’t want to.” My last request for Rico was to know how he got his connections in music? He wasn’t feeling that question and stated, “How I got connections? That will continue to never be said. I just make stuff happen.” It was a lot of fun interviewing Rico, and he gave me a lot of insight on who he is, and how much he truly believes in Truey.

Lastly I thought it would be beneficial to interview students at the Ipswich High school for their views on Truey’s music. I interviewed three separate students, who were fond of Harry’s music, and all of them were fans to say the least. When I asked Sadie Goldfarb (Senior at Ipswich High School) what her favorite song was, she let me know all about it. She said, “My favorite song is Gucci because I admire the production quality, the catchiness of the song, and his music in general.” She has high regards for someone who’s career is about to take off. Another student, Dan Lonergan, raved about Truey saying, “I Listen to all his music, and it puts me in a good mood. I love to rep the Truey walk, and I’m awaiting his new mix-tape. It is going to be fire.” As Dan said the “Truey Walk” has become a popular thing throughout Ipswich High School, with a large amount of students who know and display the dance. It has become evident that Truey and Rico are confident Truey’s music will be discovered, and his fans do as well.

It was a lot of fun sitting down with my dear friend Harry Bouve and his determined manager Rico to find out more about them. Seeing how confident and positive they both are makes me and the rest of his fans more confident that Harry has no ceiling. People around the community have been talking about Truey for a long time, and now he’s finally beginning to be recognized. The way things are going, it looks like I won’t be the only one interviewing him.