The Expensive Side of Life

Kris Desmond


It doesn’t matter if you’re a student in high school working for minimum wage or a 65 year old who is retired from a government job; life gets very expensive.  If you come from a very wealthy family you’re all set. Otherwise being a high school student takes a toll on your wallet.


Everything from getting your license to going to college is very expensive.  For example: the current cost for drivers ed is $750; a student who makes minimum wage averages $10 an hour. Between going to school and working you probably only work 10 hours a week; this means if you were to save every dime it would take you 7 ½ weeks to save for drivers ed.  Not to mention when you’re in high school you have a lot of other things to pay for too.


Whether or not you’re a freshman or senior, prom gets very expensive.  A recent survey done by Visa shows on the average high schooler pays $948 for prom.  It goes on to say, the price has increased 14% since 2013.  Teens are afraid of being bullied, so they are willing to spend a lot of money for the name brands just to fit in.  In 2014 teens made Nike the most popular brand when it comes to buying new clothes, followed by American Eagle and Forever 21.


When you’re a senior in high school, college is only a few months away. The cost lasts for many years to come.  The average cost for a public college is $23,000 a year, which adds up and has to be paid over many years after college.  For many people, that burden is hard to pay, but if you want to be successful in life then you need a higher education.


“My normal expenses for my everyday life include food, drink, clothes, gas, and car payments,” Deven Mcintosh said. “When I’m working at Shaw’s for minimum wage, it gets very hard to pay for daily expenses.  On average, after I pay for everything, I have about $10 to spend for myself.” He continued to say, “I hope that GOP runner Donald Trump will fix this issue and Make America Great Again!”


The same principles go for older people too. As you grow older, you have a lot more bills than when you were younger. The bills range from house payments to paying for formula.  According to Huffington Post the average cost to raise a child from birth to 18 is about $245,340 per child.  That’s about paying $15,000 per child per year.  f you don’t have a well paying job then nothing is going to come easy for you.


While going to school full time and working to pay for everyday life, you learn responsibility and how to manage your time. Mr. Macintosh once said, “I worked 7 days over February vacation and all my school work got done; I feel that in compensation for all this work students get, we should be given a small break off of homework.”