The Presidential Candidates

Luke Swetland, Journalist

This Presidential election season has been one of the most interesting in US history. But what is the reason for such an entertaining race? The top four candidates have their own uniqueness and their political views. Bernie Sanders is a self-described Democratic Socialist. Hillary Clinton is a former First Lady and Senator. Donald Trump is a billionaire who has made his fortune from his own companies. Ted Cruz is a junior Senator from Texas, who became famous by filibustering on the Senate floor for 21 hours.  Why have these candidates becoming so popular?

Trump and Cruz have pandered to people’s fears and angers. Mr. Ames, a history teacher at Ipswich High School, said, “People think he (Trump) is addressing the issues at hand.” He panders to people’s fear and is saying what they want to hear. On Cruz he stated, “Honestly, I have no idea why he has become so popular.” Sam Murphy, an IHS senior, stated much harsher descriptions of the two candidates. On Trump, Sam said, “He’s a billionaire, who speaks his mind and doesn’t care what people think.”  Sam believes that Cruz is a sugarcoated version of Trump. Cruz has similar views to Trump but in a less hostile way.

When the Democratic candidates were brought up to inhabitants of Ipswich High, mixed reviews were shared. Younger voters seemed more drawn to Clinton and Sanders.  Older voters seem to find Sander’s and Clinton’s plans more unrealistic. Sanders and Clinton seem to be striking nerves with millennials on the issues of making college easier to afford, protecting the environment, women’s reproductive rights, and trying to insure everyone has healthcare. This seems to be what many millennials are concerned about. As many millennials are going to college they are burdened with massive amounts of debt; they are looking for someone who will make it easiest for them to pay off their debts.

When Mr. Ames was asked about Sanders, he loves the idea of making college more affordable and said,  “I’ve got three kids in or just out of college and any amount helps.” The problem for Mr. Ames is, if Congress stays the way it is now, Sanders won’t be able to get anything done. Clinton was another story. She is highly qualified and an active feminist, also she has a well known husband and is a former Senator and Secretary of State, but she seemed slightly untrustworthy. Mostly due to many scandals that have plagued her past. Sam told me, “Hillary would make a great first female President, but I prefer Bernie.” Out of all the candidates, Hillary is the most well known around Ipswich High. Mr. Ames believes that the most well respected on the world stage is, “Hillary; Trump would probably anger people.”

Why have the top candidates gain such popularity? Well that depends on your political views and what you are most concerned about: education, military, environment, healthcare? Well it’s up to you to decide in the Fall of 2016.