Perks of Diet and Exercise

Taylor Welch, Journalist

When asked the most efficient way to lose weight, many people say that it is critical to do both dieting and exercise at the same time. Is it still possible to lose weight performing just one of the two? Yes, it’s possible, but the process would take longer. This theory was tested with two members of Ipswich High School.
Shannon Halliday (subject A), a senior at Ipswich High School, described her eating habits as “Eating whatever [she] wanted, whenever [she] wanted.” Shannon’s job in the experiment was to go on a very strict diet and do no physical exercise. The diet that Shannon chose to stick to was the “clean eating” diet. The “clean eating” diet involves eating non processed, all natural foods. These whole foods that are required consist of fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and whole grains. Shannon was not allowed to eat any artificial flavors, sugars, preservatives, or saturated fats.

Subject B, an anonymous senior at IHS, had to do an hour of exercise each day. This person was also told to continue their normal eating habits. They described their eating habits as “relatively healthy, but [she] changed [her] eating habits for the experiment to eat less healthy and choose whatever [she] wanted.” The work out plan subject B was involved in was the “Kayla BBG Workout.” This exercise plan consisted of a vigorous work out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Monday being Leg day, Wednesday being for arms and abs, and Friday being a full body workout. On the off days, because subject B was told to do at least an hour each night; he/she ran on the treadmill or performed the Plyometrics section of P90X.

As the experiment continued throughout the week long period, the subjects stuck to their plans religiously. With Shannon eating only clean and unprocessed foods, she ended up losing 3 lbs. on her diet. Subject B lost a total of 1lb by just exercising and eating unhealthy foods. In conclusion the phrase “dieting is 80% of the weight loss process” seems to ring true. Even though this experiment only lasted a week, subject A lost more by just dieting than subject B did by just exercising. In addition to the legitimate weight loss, Shannon says, “After doing the experiment, I had way more energy and didn’t need the large amount of coffee that I usually had every day.” Changing to a healthier diet improved Shannon’s mood and overall being. Eating clean made her feel healthier. Subject B says “after I exercised for a week straight, I somehow felt more energized and I legitimately felt healthier.” Both sides of the experiment provided extreme benefits to the subjects.
In conclusion, if someone is trying to lose weight it is most important to focus on a healthy diet. However, the best case scenario still does tend to be doing both diet and exercise at the same time. Marnie Stasiuc, the Ipswich High School nurse, explains that the balance of doing both diet and exercise is extremely important to maintaining a healthy body. In order to get the best possible results, maintaining a healthy diet and a healthy physical exercise schedule is extremely important. There are many benefits to working out and dieting besides losing weight. Living a healthy lifestyle like that improves mood, increases energy, sharpens our minds, and boosts self confidence. Exercise releases endorphins in the brain which helps to alleviate symptoms of depression. Also, eating foods with more omega-3 boosts mood, brain functions, and can also play a role in lessening symptoms of depression. Overall, Staying healthy involves living a healthy lifestyle. Eating organic non processed foods, and exercising regularly improves a person’s life in more ways than one.File_000 (3)