JK Advice

Jenna Gagnon and Kendall Trepanier

JK Advice


“Is your senior prom dress suppose to be a go all out         

dress or simple and comfortable?” (JR)                                         

Dear Junior,

Senior prom is when you get to wear a dress that pops and is suppose to show all the people standing out on the Crane’s Castle lawn that you’re a superstar. The only way you will feel like a superstar is to wear a dress that makes you feel beautiful. That dress may be completely covered in rhinestones and bedazzled or just a solid color with a soft material that fits you well. Senior prom is a night to look forward too. Don’t ruin it by trying to wear a dress that you’re not in love with.


Do you think people come to the nurse just to take a nap or are they actually sick?” (ANON)

Dear Anon,

People usually end up going to the nurse just to lay down and skip a class. They may not be feeling well, but the main reason why they are in the nurse is to skip out on their next class, because they probably didn’t do an assignment or just need a break from the school day. They might be feeling stressed out, so they want to lay down and rest instead of actually being sick enough to miss class and lay down.


My girlfriend doesn’t let me go out on weekends; what should I do?” (Christian Collum)

FullSizeRenderDear Christian Collum,

I think the reason that you can’t go out on the

weekends is because you do not have a car,

and your girlfriend drives you everywhere, so

I think once you save up your money for a car

then you will be able to go out. It’s not that she

doesn’t let you go out; it is just you don’t have

a car. If she actually has a problem with you

going out on the weekends without her then

you have trust issues within your relationship

and should really sit down and try and work it out.


“What do we have to look forward to in the years to come?” (FR)

Dear Freshman,

The only year you have to look forward to is senior year. Every morning when you wake up to go to school for the next two years, just think, “I’m almost a senior and I’m almost an adult.” You can look forward to being on top of the high school hierarchy: senior prom, senior week, and lastly graduation. Although senior year is bittersweet, it is a moment that you should be looking forward too.


“Should students be allowed to take family vacations during school?” (ANON)

Dear Anon,

The answer to your question is, YES, of course they should be able to. Why sit in school and learn things that may or may not be relevant in the real world and miss making memories with your family?! If your teacher chose to give you the work you will be missing you need to be sure to keep up on it. Read your assigned book on the beach, write a poem while you’re sitting by the pool, and read about evolution while you’re on your way to dinner. While school is important, students should be allowed to go on a family vacation without facing repercussions or being questioned about it.


“Should there be a school dress code?” (ANON)

Dear Anon,

No, I do not think there should be a school dress code, because when people get limited to something, it just makes everyone mad, and people will still go against it. You should be allowed to wear what you want, and you shouldn’t need to be told what and what not to wear to school because you should already have respect for yourself and wear clothes that are appropriate for school and the weather. If you decide not to do so, then that is on you having people lose respect for yourself, by letting yourself stand out with something that we should not be wearing.


“What’s the best part of senior year?” (FR)

Dear Anon,

The best part of senior year is graduation day. Everything you had to suffer through for years is finally coming to an end. You’ll start college in the fall, meet new people, and mature. Senior year is when you come to realize all of this and for some it’s scary, but for others it’s what they look forward to.


“What’s too much to spend on a prom dress?” (JR)

Dear Junior,

Dresses range from $100-$800 dollars, and I think whatever you or your parents are comfortable spending on the dress is the amount you should be spending. Also, keep in mind that it is just one night! Don’t go in debt over a dress you may only wear once in your life. Maybe try looking for a dress at the Prom Dress Drive hosted by the Ipswich High School! This is where you can find a beautiful donated dress to take home and wear to your prom, free of charge! If you’re interested contact Mr.C, the IHS vice principal.