Donald Trumps the World

Renee DiNocco, Journalist



He’s dangerous. He’s believed to be a threat to the balance of political powers of the world today. Donald Trump, the republican candidate for the next presidential nominee, is one of the most controversial candidates that we’ve had in any presidential election. Some of his ideas seem extremely far fetched such as building a massive wall along the American/Mexican border, deporting 11 million illegal immigrants from America, and putting up a temporary ban on muslims entering our country.

The imagined 1,300 mile wall is said to cost between 10 billion and 12 billion dollars! Where is all that money supposed to come from? Referring back to his plan, he believes he can make Mexico support and pay for his idea. According to Kate Drew-Wilkinso, an artist who lives a few miles north of the border, “Trump’s plans to forcibly remove immigrants and build a wall is not only preposterous but impossible to carry out.”

The deportation of immigrants has both positive and negative effects. One of the main effects that will have on our country is how the rest of the world takes it. The immigrants will view America as a threat because of the unwelcome atmosphere they would be receiving. Talking about the illegal immigrants, Trump said, “They came in illegally. They are here. You have Bush, you have Rubio, you have most of them, want to give them a free pass. You can’t do that; it’s unfair. We either have a country or we don’t.”

Donald Trump’s unrealistic ban towards all Muslims entering the U.S. gained unnecessary attention from the rest of the world. Trump thinks that by banning all Muslims it will result in almost no terrorist attacks in America. There is a popular opinion that getting rid of Muslims could be very detrimental to our country due to the negative impression it will leave on our country. We are making enemies with the world when we should be making allies.

With all the commotion going on about Donald Trump, he is now known all over the world. After speaking to Aaron DiNapoli, Ipswich High School senior, he says “I agree makes no sense in any debates he’s in, but he does stick to his guns.” This being said, Donald Trump isn’t afraid to pursue his goals he has for our future. His ideas and plans for the years to come is showing a scary side of the people in this country. The majority of America is supporting a man who wants to get rid of  a large portion of the population which will only cause anger. America has many different views on a man who can either tear this world apart or “Make America great again.”


Editor’s note: This is an opinion piece written by the journalist; it does not represent the opinions of The Tiger Transcript, which remains neutral.