Benefits of Art

Matt Gilligan

Art is a school subject that is widely overlooked across the country. Every year in public schools the number of students enrolled in art classes is lowered. The subject is becoming less popular, and some students here at Ipswich High School have never taken an art class.  They believe it’s not important. Students believe that art is a dead end in the future, and there is not enough careers to live off of. However, art is a crucial subject to the development of a student’s education.

Visual arts greatly affects a student’s observations skills. Art helps students observe designs from new angles and perspectives. This helps with a student’s problem solving skills. Students are able to approach, and persist through problems in a more well rounded way. Mrs. Pepe, a member of the art department here at Ipswich High School, said, “Many students have no enthusiasm for art, or no natural art ability but continue to take art classes. This is because they have an interest in hands on problem solving.” Mrs.Pepe also explained how today many doctors and lawyers are using art to develop their profession. She said, “They will sit down to draw and paint in order to become more observant.” Art also has the ability to improve a student’s perceptual  skills and focus. When a student is engaged in a good art environment, they are able to focus and concentrate on the task at hand. If a student is able to focus easier on an art piece, they are able to transition this into a problem in a regular class. Once their focus is built in the art room, they can adapt easier in the classroom.

Many students feel there is no need to take an art class and believe there is no hope for people pursuing art based careers. Many seniors at Ipswich High School will tell you studying art in college seems like a dead end. However, art right now is becoming more important and influential than ever. Mrs.Pepe said, “Many students feel there is no need to physically make things anymore, but art is much more than that.” She explained how there is an artist behind everything we visualize throughout our daily lives. For every physical object in our world someone had a design for it. Mrs. Pepe also said, “Art is most important in our lives for an influential aspect.” Something visually appealing attracts the attention of people. One example that is relevant right now would be the current presidential election. Ad-making for these campaigns has the ability to make or break a President.

Another importance of art is to help develop decision making. A student needs to make important decisions in order to figure out what will look more visually appealing. Decision making in art uses the process of trial and error. Mrs.Pepe said, “Art helps students accept failure on a smaller scale.” If a piece of art comes out looking worse than you expected, there is always room to improve. This helps a student learn that it is possible to strive past failure. In the classroom this helps a student’s decision making. A student may fail and learn to make smarter decisions in order for their piece of work to become more visually appealing.

Not only can the visual arts can give a student guidance, but performance art has the same abilities. During last Fridays assembly, the school was introduced to two men who turned to performance art for guidance in their life. The two men told about how they are taking their experiences and bringing them back to the youth in Guinea and Canadian Arctic. They told the stories of kids who have very little in life, yet turn to performing arts for positive outlook and enjoyment.

Even though the overall impressions of art are positive, many people still don’t understand all the underlying benefits of students taking art classes. I believe art should be a required class in high school. Also students should learn more about what art has to offer for the future. IMG_6119 (1)