The Art of Mind


Andria Hawwa, Journalist

Art, the expression or application of human creative skill and imagination, affects our everyday life. It is a teachable skill that brings a better understanding of our surroundings that often go back to the ancient and human activity of “making things”. In other words, as Gail Pepe, a Visual Art teacher, explained, “Art is the process of exploring new ways of making and doing things.” Painting, drawing, appreciating music, dancing, and writing are various branches of visual art. Every skill is unique to a talented person, who works hard to make their own mark on the world.

Fine arts often times have different, personal meanings to the artist. A song, a drawing or a play can have varying impacts on individuals, but in order to know what art means to students at Ipswich High School, I decided to personally meet with 3 special individuals to discuss their talent and its impact on their life, personality, and attitude. Jack Homans, Christopher Pitcher, and Timothy Miller shared their experiences and talk about how their talent is an important part of their life and career.

Jack Homans, a junior at Ipswich High, is a talented, skillful artist. He started drawing before he even knew what it was, and describes it as an “outlet” that calms him down relatively quickly. “I suppose I draw because I like seeing what I can create, the gradual progression of it getting more realistic, and having more detail with each new drawing.” Adding, “overall I love the creativity that spawns from it.”  Saturday, March 5th, 2016, Jack received the Best of School Award at the 6th Congressional District High School Art Competition for his portrait entitled “Hidden Talent”. After High School, Jack is certainly going to pursue this as a lifetime career, encouraging others to “expand your horizons and just keep practicing your art whatever it may be, and you’ll be amazed at what you can create if you just keep practicing.”

Christopher Pitcher, also a junior at Ipswich High, started acting and singing when he was 15 years old. With the support of his friends and family he was able to overcome his stage fright, and get on stage to achieve his goal of performing and looking at the audiences’ smiles at the end of every show. “Always leave your heart out on the stage when you perform. That’s not just for drama though. That goes for everything. Just always work hard at what you do.” He continued saying, “Always remember that when you are acting or singing, you’re performing for people. I always figure that if at the end of a show someone leaves the theatre touched and they felt some strong emotions towards my performance, that I’m doing something right.” Christopher is one of many students who is interested in the acting and singing field. Even though it’s challenging, he believes that putting more work into something he loves is worth it, and sees it as a possible, successful lifetime career.

FullSizeRenderTimothy Miller, another talented student at Ipswich High, discovered his passion to play instruments at the age of 9. His interest in the legend Slash and other artists encouraged him to play music and challenge himself. He plays the trumpet in the school’s band, but uses his ability to play the guitar as “a way to get his mind off of problems in his life”. He explains, “Every time I play the guitar, whether it be at school or at home, there’s always this feeling of happiness and fulfillment, especially when you hit every note and get every riff right. You know you sound good and you feel like you’re making good music.”

We might not all be able to draw, sing, act, or play an instrument, but we have to give ourselves a chance to prove that we can be creative. Performing, painting, photographing or other types of art can be taught, and it is what makes this world richer and better. “Everybody should take an art class,” argued Mrs. Pepe. Portfolio is a course any student can take. It gives every individual a chance to find their “hidden” talent and will help develop it. Ultimately, art bears the signature of a personal style.