Tiger Tots Impact on Ipswich


Julia Kennedy, Journalist

     Tiger Tots Learning Center is an early education center that is open to the children of teachers of the Ipswich Public School’s community. The goals of the program are to create and maintain a safe, healthy learning environment, promote parent partnerships, and foster the development of crucial language, social, and independence skills. Tiger Tots teacher, Trish Kubaska, says, “Tiger Tots supports teachers with families.” Tiger Tots has an open door policy, meaning parents are welcome at anytime to join in on the learning.

     One benefit of Tiger Tots on the Ipswich High School Community is the hours. Tiger Tots is open Monday through Friday from the hours of 7 am to 4 pm. This time allows teachers to come in early and stay after school for extra help. This time is beneficial on Thursday’s as well when teachers have meetings and cannot pick up their children right away. With an in school daycare program in place, teachers can put more attention on their students and spend less time trying to juggle their schedule to pick up their children. This, in turn makes teachers lives much easier. Having child care and a job in the same building is a luxury many other communities do not have. Mrs. Smith says, “I honestly don’t know what I would have done if Tiger Tots didn’t exist.” Also, this situation allows parents to see their children during the school day, which helps if they are having a bad day or just miss their child. Student, Jenny Page says, “It’s hard to have a bad day when you are greeted with a hug from a baby.” 

     Another unique characteristic about the Tiger Tots Learning Center are the student volunteers. Students are allowed to take Tiger Tots as a class during the day if it works with their schedule. This can be beneficial to someone looking to pursue a career in elementary education and have an impressive resume! It is a great way to get community service hours and give back to the Ipswich High School Community.

     Tiger Tots is unique in the fact that it allows student employees. Mrs. Smith loves that there are student volunteers because, “Some of them have become my babysitters since my kids are already comfortable with them. It’s also great that it gives the students a chance to get to know if they’re interested in early elementary education.” It is a great way to get some work experience and earn money before heading off to college. The work schedule works with a student’s academics since it is only open until 4. This allows the student the rest of the evening to do homework and study.

     Many teachers at Ipswich High School will incorporate the Tiger Tots children into their everyday lesson plan. Mrs. Killian has her students sing songs they just learned to the Tiger Tots children. History teacher, Mrs. Smith, also includes Tiger Tots in her lesson by having her students make children’s books and read them to the children.

     As you can see, Ipswich High School would not be the same without the Tiger Tots Learning Center. It brings something to the community that cannot be gained otherwise. Trish Kubaska says, “Tiger Tots helps foster relationships with the students of Ipswich High School and Tiger Tots kids.” So, next time you see the Tiger Tots children walking in the hallway, remember how lucky we are to have them be apart of our community.