Calculating for a better future

Brian Silva

In this age of ours nothing is more powerful or useful as a computer and someone with a working knowledge of them. But in the schools there are no classes that teach the broader horizon of these skills. Sure, they have one programming class, and that’s it. There are so many other things the school could teach for computers that would help after high school.

Getting a head start in computer education is very important for students so when they go off to college they won’t waste time having to learn something they could have  learned in high school. Also, later in life they will have self reliance so they won’t need help from someone more than they should.

Talking to student Devon Prescott who has taken the programming class and its AP variant, he had some input. He told me he “felt the need for things such as server management classes, a video game making class or club, and a class in building and managing your own PC, keeping up with your own personal security. This is something many people lack.” 

For a class or club to make video games, you would need someone who has experience with making games and knows how to teach them. With the school’s new computers in the CAD lab, they can use completely free software like Unreal Engine 4 or Unity, which is used by independent and multi-billion dollar companies alike. These softwares are used to make games, including basic frameworks for games and even some 3-D models, sounds and other graphical effects.

Programmers make on average $79,502. Freelance video editors in L.A can make $3000-$4000 a week.

The school could also offer video editing classes, web design, and graphic design using the Adobe suite that it already has. All of which can be used for big business or for freelance.

These softwares are also known for use for the hobbyist market.

Other classes or clubs would obviously operate under the same principal. The school could recycle out used equipment given that they can be used.   ^AC17EEBDA14C16DB7D4D05984650EC90D3F094586B54ADF4CC^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr