Ipswich Faces a Change, a Climate Change.

Chloe Primack


Ipswich is known among the Essex County for its beautiful beaches, tasty clams, unique marsh ecosystems and its vast oceanic scenery. Residents take pride in saying that they live here, but little do they know that all of these key aspects could be easily taken away in the next twenty five years. Luckily, because Ipswich is such a tight-knit and conscientious community. many environmental issues are taken very seriously; however, it’s a certainty that not everyone is completely on board and aware of the detrimental consequences of climate change. Although some lifestyle changes may be difficult to adapt, they are well worth their positive effects and are becoming more easily obtainable.

Local committees and even students have taken it upon themselves to spread awareness and ultimately stop the worsening of climate change within the town of Ipswich. Ipswich High School has an environmental club, an environmental class and sustainability class that focuses and works towards the issue of climate change. Lori LaFrance, who is in charge of the club and teaches both classes, believes that “Teens are the best hope for positive change. By working with environmental and sustainability classes, I hope that students develop an understanding of the issue so they become educators of their own families and friends.” Mrs. Lafrance is also a member of the Climate Change Committee in Ipswich where their goal right now is to make it easier for individuals and businesses to lower emissions. Sara Whitmore, a senior at Ipswich High School, is a student intern on this committee. Her main goal is to, “spread awareness through the town by activities like Chowderfest and getting the middle schoolers involved in green activities.” Sara Whitmore, among many other students, is also a part of the Environmental Club at IHS. The club is working towards a way to raise money and start projects to get people aware and acting on climate change. Last year the club raised money by selling reusable water bottles to buy three Elkay water bottle filling stations. These stations offer clean and healthy water which provide an easy and efficient way to drink water.  Although we have the Ipswich Climate Change Committee, Environmental club, and classes taught by Lori Lafrance, we still need more.

Imagine walking down Cranes beach one summer, the vast blue water shimmering under the hot sun, the soft sand wedged between your toes, and the feeling of utter bliss running through your body. Now imagine going back to this same beach ten years later, where the high tide now crashes over the boardwalks, and the soothing sound of piping plovers fluttering among the dunes is silenced; unfortunately this image could soon be reality. The effects of climate change will worsen and worsen each and every year unless something is done as soon as possible, and one way that this will happen is by spreading awareness and joining the change against climate change.