Feminism vs Feminazis

Carly and Saba


Most will hear a sigh or moan from certain students in classrooms when the subject of feminism is brought up. Feminism has varying definitions according to who you ask. The Merriam-Webster dictionary definition of feminism is the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. This word has been stretched into countless other meanings, according to who you talk to. The word feminism carries a lot of weight with it. It can change the mood in a room quickly, just by being spoken out loud. It seems to be a very sensitive subject for many people.

We decided to talk to various people and get their opinions on the subject. Sophomore Pat Gillis is a firm believer in feminism. He believes that feminism is the equal rights for both genders. “Your sex shouldn’t define your abilities and opportunities in life,” said Pat Gillis. Many other students agreed with Pat’s statement. Senior Dylan Perkins does not think there is much to disagree with that. Equal rights for all.

Feminazis on the other hand, are the bad side to feminism. They believe that the sexes shouldn’t be equal and women should be superior. In today’s society, the male is perceived to have the upper hand in everything they do; feminazis believe the opposite.  Mr. Ames is an avid feminist; he said repeatedly that he has been a feminist since middle school.  We interviewed Mr. Ames and he stated that, “everyone is a feminist if they want equal rights for everyone, then whether you like it or not you are a feminist.”  

Feminazi is a loosely defined word. Feminazi is a slang term to describe people who believe that feminism is female superiority. These people have a misguided definition of feminism. These people taint the word feminism to the everyday public by claiming that feminism is when women are better than men. Most feminazis are very outspoken about their beliefs. This causes a lot of people to think wrongly of what feminism actually is. Their outspoken voices and cries of oppression create an incorrect definition of feminism in most minds.

There are constantly differing beliefs on gender equality. This nation has come very far with concerns to equality. Women can do more things in one day in the U.S. than some can do in certain countries in their whole life. Women’s rights are changing around the world and people are changing with them.

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