Life After High School

Bryanna Simons and Charlie Gillis

Everyone has a different path they’re going to take in life. Some people choose to go into the army, trade school, or they might just go to a regular university. There’s also the chance that someone might not do anything close to that after high school. A lot of people now a days like to take a year off and go travel before returning and attending school. To get an insight on some students plans after school, we interviewed a few kids from Ipswich High School.

The first person we interviewed was Kilian Morrissey about his post grad year of high school. We wanted to know what pushed him to make this decision. His response was, “I felt that I needed one extra year to prepare myself for college.” He is still unsure which school he will be attending next year. He said,”It would be beneficial for me to have one more year to grow both physically and mentally.” Kilian’s plan is to go to a four year college after his post grad year. He is excited to begin this new chapter in his life but is a little nervous for the change.

Ipswich High School future graduate, Tommy Ginolfi, has applied, been accepted and enrolled in Colby College. Colby is located in the small town of Waterville, Maine, and also happens to be where both of his parents attended college. Tommy chose Colby because of the phenomenal education he will receive, and he also chose “a place that I liked where I could also play sports.” He will be playing football and lacrosse next year. When asked about his feelings towards graduating, Tommy responded, “I am excited because I will get a chance to try new things and meet new people, but I will also miss my friends that I have now at Ipswich.” Tommy hopes to study business or finance at Colby and work in the business field after he graduates. As a leading student and athlete at IHS, Tommy will have a successful Colby career in the classroom as well as on the field.

Lastly, we interviewed Vincent Minghella about his plans after high school. His plans involved going into the army, he said “…possibly some special ops down the line.” Vinny has always wanted to do something like this since we was a kid. His thought about graduating was, “I’m extremely thrilled that I’m graduating, but I’m nervous about being on my own.” He feels that once he gets to basic training that he’ll be okay. He’s still uncertain about a definite career in the future, but Vincent said, “I might make the military my career, but I’m not sure yet.” He does plan on leaving Ipswich, and he states his reasoning for this was, “I wanted to serve my country as well as follow in the footsteps of my grandfathers.” His plans were a lot different than the others we interviewed, but he seems to be very head strong about his decision and has a good idea of the direction he wants to head in after graduating high school.

Everyone has a different plan and goal they want to achieve after high school. These three students from Ipswich High School are just a small fraction of their grade. They gave an accurate insight of how different everyone’s paths were going to be. Graduating is an exciting and nerve wracking part of everyone’s life, and it’s a huge start to a new chapter for everybody.