Get Involved or Stay Neutral?

Should the United States become involved in over seas affairs?  This seems to be the question ringing in everyone’s mind, including Obama.  According to Mr. Ames, the United States should “not get involved.  Neither side likes us nor Syria has other friends that can help them out.  We should have stayed neutral.”  The conflict in Syria all began in March of 2011 when a few children painted anti-regime signs on local walls.  Most of the children that were involved in the crime were killed in detention camps in Syria.  Once the public knew this horrific act, the whole world seemed to be enraged.  According to Hannah Lynch, “The US should not get involved because we should not have to police everyone.”  Within the Syrian borders, the Syrian people are very angry with their government and are choosing to rebel against their authority.  Syrians believe the government is creating unfulfilled promises of economic and political reforms for the Syrian people.  Currently in power is the Assad family.  The Assad family is known to be not very religious.  The family in power is also Alawites, which is a branch of Islam.  The religion of Alawte is not widely practiced in Syria, which is why people wish to over throw this power.

The rebels against the government have been nothing but violent and bloody.  There have been many accounts to car bombings, village massacres, and the government is lining up civilians to murder them, execution style.  Currently, the United Nations, consisting of the five permanent members, have come to a conclusion to eliminate Syria’s nuclear weapons so they will not use them against their people and against other countries around them.

Does the United States care about what other countries think of us?  Recently known to the public, Vladamir Putin wrote a letter to the United States addressing the United States actions against Syria.  It was said in the letter that if there is a political strike by the United States against Syria than it will only create more conflict within the Syrian government and will only end in more innocent civilians being killed.  Putin also went as far as to say this could spread to the outsides of the Syrian borders and could become a new form of terrorism.  This new form of terrorism would include increased violence and would not solve the nuclear weapons problem.  “If the United States had out right criticized Putin like Putin is doing to the US, Putin would go crazy on us, but he does have freedom of speech which entitles him to his own opinion.  He created an inaccurate light of us,” says Mr. Ames on the Putin letter. 

On the contrary, Hannah Lynch believes this is an accurate light of us.  “If we got involved, this would increase terrorism against the United States, and this would not solve any problems.  It was wrong to make this letter public knowledge, but he has many valid and accurate points in regards to the US.”  Furthermore, Putin believes Syria is a multicultural country, which led to the conflict within the Syria borders.  If the United States does become involved, this could potentially throw the whole system of international law and order off, and this could harm all countries internationally.  Similar to Hannah’s opinion, Putin adds, Syria is not in the United State’s long term interest plan so we should not be interested or getting involved in the conflict.

Only time will tell whether or not the United States will be getting involved with Syria’s foreign affairs.  There is no doubt that this problem is horrific, and a solution needs to be invented very quickly.  But, will this solution involve the United States or will Syria create their own solution?