The Mighty Mighty Seniors


IHS students playing with the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

Saturday July 20, 2013, a group of seniors (Colin Senechal, Ryan Davis, Ryan Freemont-Smith, Michael Riddle, Henry Zagarella, and Connor Fitzpatrick) from Ipswich High School took the stage in Boston to preform for sixty thousand people along with the band The Mighty Mighty Bosstones. The group won a 92.5 radio station contest to play with the rock stars. The six of them took a video of them all playing the song “The Impression That I Get” and posted it onto the 92.5 website. Ryan Freemont-Smith said “I never thought that we would actually win; we just thought submitting wouldn’t hurt.” They got to play with the Bosstones and perform the same song they submitted, “The Impression That I Get”. They were all introduced to the crowd and then, the music started. The song is about three minutes long, and that’s about how long their fame lasted, but as Colin Senechal says, “This will help all of our music careers for the future.” Even though their time in the spotlight was short lived, they will gain and remember a lot from playing at such a huge event at such a young age. Every one of them thinks of winning this contest as a huge leap forward for them as a group of musicians and as individuals.

Along with gaining this great reputation, a few believe it was a great life experience. Colin Senechal thinks that all of them got “an opportunity that not a lot of people get in their lifetimes”.  They gained a great new perspective on their musical careers performing in from of so many people. Although it wasn’t life-changing for them, “it was a life time memory” said Ryan Freemont-Smith.

The high schoolers played phenomenally and got a huge applause from the crowd throughout their whole performance. Each performer has a very in depth experience with their own respective instruments. There was no doubt in their minds that they would play fine while on stage. As they approached the stage, they were nervous. As the music began to play, they followed and their minds were at complete ease. “And as quick as it started, it was over” said Colin Senechal. Colin thought for the amount that they played and the requirements to follow the music exactly, everyone played extremely well. Nobody got too nervous to play and nobody messed up. It was a great performance by some great musicians.

A few students from Ipswich High School who attended the event said that their friends did a spectacular job and it was one of the most exciting concerts they had ever been to. “The VIP access was awesome! And the guys did an amazing job at keeping their cool in front of the thousands of people watching,” said Andrew Russell (Senior) who attended the concert. “They did a great job.” said Mr. Freemont-Smith (Ryan Freemont-Smith’s Father). The students who performed know one hundred percent that it could not have gone any better.  It was one of the best nights of their lives thus far.

As for the group now, they are back to their normal lives, but the memory of July twentieth lies within their minds where it will stay for the rest of their lives, and possibly help them score some gigs in the future. It’s a great thing, not to just have under your belt, but to also have on your resume for competitive fields such as college. If there is another contest similar to the Bosstones one, they want to try to enter and win again to further their experience in the music industry, add on to their resume, and better their idea of what it’s really like to get on stage and perform for a living.