A New Sheriff in Town: Getting to Know the Man Behind Our Education

Ipswich School Systems has had the opportunity to experience three different superintendents in the short span of five years. All of these individuals have brought advancements to the district, and Dr. Brian J. Blake is bound to be no exception.

When it comes to knowledge of the new superintendent, the majority of students at Ipswich High School are ignorant of even his name. Chris Falcione, a senior at Ipswich High School, states that Dr. Blake is “a man of mystery,” and that he “highly admires that aspect.” Adamant to find out more about the new addition to Ipswich, the Journalism students took initiative.

When meeting such a substantial authority figure, it can be nerve-wracking, but with Dr. Blake, the conversations were made comfortable and seamless. As a former psychology major, Dr. Blake was easy to talk to and even easier to listen to. He finds himself “utilizing [psychology] everyday,” which explained his even-tempered approach. Blake started off in the psychology industry and his path led him to education, which was certainly a score for Ipswich.

Many people find themselves in the midst of a career, and they do not know how or why they ultimately landed in that specific field; however, this was not the case with Dr. Blake. When asked, “What influenced you to become a superintendent?,” Blake mentioned how he “wanted kids to have a better education” than he had. Education today is much more efficient than it used to be. It is easy to forget the personal aspects of such a large authority figure, but when talking to Dr. Blake it was made apparent how interpersonal he truly is.

Dr. Blake believes building character through an education is “first and foremost.” It is expected that a superintendent values intelligence over character, as they are in charge of an educational system. However, Blake takes a different approach to education and believes that, along with education, your character is almost if not more, important than the intelligence you acquire along the way. Not only does this prove that Dr. Blake has his priorities set, but it also proves how highly intellectual he really is by realizing the more significant traits that will build success in an individual.

Although Ipswich has had two prior superintendents since the senior class has joined the system, many students have not had enough time to relate to the personal aspects of the previous administrators. Blake makes it a point to relate to the students by telling students a little about himself. When working in such a position of power, it is easy for one to forget to connect to those below him/her. Dr. Blake makes sure to give everyone the utmost respect, as he lists some of his hobbies that include: boating, gardening, Boy Scouts, and attending school activities. He exhibits passion when speaking on these various topics, proving that he just a regular, relatable guy.

Dr. Brian J. Blake provided the students of Ipswich High School with insightful information, along with a few laughs. Dr. Blake is certainly approachable and intellectual, proving him a great fit for Ipswich High School. To the future students of Ipswich, you should be open to communicating with those who will ultimately make the big decisions and create an impact. They may turn out to be an insightful, boat-loving, Boy Scout-ing psychologist.